Announcing the re-opening of the EU online store!

Hello everyone. I’m Hector/RainbowMonkey, and I’m very proud to be writing this today. I’ve worked towards the EU store reopening for some time now (maybe you saw me posing with some boxes) but it’s my first time writing directly to the community. 

We are pleased to announce that our EU store will reopen on 18th March – which is also the day Rebellion Without Rehearsal goes on sale. From that date, the Shop link at the top of this site will automatically redirect EU users to the storefront.

We are not able to take preorders for Rebellion Without Rehearsal from EU customers, but you will be able to purchase the new set from release day, along with all of Null Signal Games’ other sets. See below for full details of which products will be available in which languages.

Please note that the EU store can only ship to customers based in the EU. Unfortunately we are not able to directly serve customers in other European countries such as the UK, Norway and Switzerland at this time. If you’re in one of those countries you can buy cards through our print-on-demand partners or our authorized resellers.

I may be the one sticking labels onto boxes, but there has been a whole lot of effort to get the EU store up and running, and I want to thank everybody at NSG for their hard work. More importantly, I want to thank you for your patience. We’re committed to making cards available in as many languages and regions as we can in order to make the game as accessible as possible.

Photo of boxes of System Gateway remastered edition in 6 different languages.

EU Store Stock

As we previously stated, when the EU store opens it will have the Ashes Remastered sets Downfall and Uprising available to pre-order and Game Night Kits available to order directly from us.

In stock from 18th March:

  • System Gateway Remastered in English, German, French, Catalan and Portuguese
  • System Update Remastered in English, German, French, Italian and Catalan
  • Borealis: Midnight Sun and Parhelion in English, German, French, Italian and Catalan
  • Liberation: The Automata Initiative in English, German, Italian and Catalan
  • Liberation: Rebellion Without Rehearsal in English
  • 2024 Game Night kit

Coming soon:

  • System Gateway Remastered in Italian
  • Ashes: Downfall and Uprising Remastered in English
  • The Automata Initiative in French

A brief note on existing EU orders

As outlined in our update last week, we’re largely done with sending orders for the card replacement program. The last few are going out this week. GNKs and other miscellaneous orders will be shipped over the next week or two.

Please bear in mind that, while all outstanding orders will have been sent out by the time the store reopens, we expect to have a large number of orders coming in simultaneously on that date. Your patience while we ship that initial surge of orders out will be greatly appreciated! 

It will be my pleasure to continue to ship your orders.


  • Hector "RainbowMonkey" Ménis

    Data Scientist and Linguist for a bank by day, sending packs to the EU by night. I originally involved myself in Netrunner to help my life partner have nice tournament experiences. French Translator and Tournament Organizer in Nantes. Coffee, tea and hot cocoa lover. Keyboard designer and builder. Photographer. Fountain pen enthusiast. Paper nerd. Ask me about materials. Pronouns: ol/ol - they/them.