What is Null Signal Games?

Null Signal Games is a games publisher operating as a registered nonprofit company. Our only current product is the expandable card game Netrunner, which we are continuing following the end of its support by its previous publisher, Fantasy Flight Games. 

We do so primarily by creating brand new sets of original Netrunner cards. These are fully interoperable with FFG-era Android: Netrunner cards.

Our products include System Gateway, a beginner set aiming to be a fully self-contained introductory experience, and our first three cycles, the Ashes Cycle, consisting of Downfall and Uprising, the Borealis Cycle, consisting of Midnight Sun and Parhelion, and the Liberation Cycle, consisting of The Automata Initiative and Rebellion Without Rehearsal. Our next set, codenamed “Dawn”, is currently in development and is intended as a supplementary product to expand on the introductory experience of System Gateway. Our cards are translated into several languages, and are available for purchase directly from us as well through print-on-demand services and a growing number of resellers. As we believe that Netrunner should be accessible to all, we also provide print-and-play PDFs of our cards for anyone to download for free or for a pay-as-you-feel donation. Home-printed proxies are fully accepted and tournament-legal in all Null Signal Games organized play events.

In addition to releasing new sets, we curate the existing card pool, both by rotating out older sets as new ones are released, as well as through active management of the competitive metagame through the use of bans or restrictions. Our Balance Team supports three competitive formats: Startup, which contains only Null Signal products, Standard, which has a larger card pool including the latter few FFG sets, and Eternal, which contains all Android: Netrunner and all Null Signal Games releases. 

Null Signal Games also manages Netrunner organized play. We do this by creating prize kits for casual game nights as well as by managing the Netrunner competitive season, starting from local tournaments called Circuit Openers and progressing through National, Continental, and the World Championships. The lower tier tournaments are run by local tournament organizers, whom we support with prize kits, tournament management tools, and other resources, whereas Continental and World Championships are run by our Organized Play team.

Finally, our Rules team maintains the ever-evolving rules documents that make the game possible, as well as formatting the text of new cards to ensure clarity and lack of conflicts.

Null Signal Games staff are all unpaid volunteers. Our cards are created by our design and development teams, with a thorough development process involving dozens of volunteer playtesters from the Netrunner community. Card art and all visual elements are created by our in-house graphic design teams or commissioned from professional artists and compensated at market rates. All our volunteers are drawn from the wider Netrunner community, and are motivated by a desire to keep Netrunner thriving and introduce it to as many new players as possible, rather than by profit. Null Signal Games is a registered non-profit, and reinvests all its income into the creation of future Netrunner sets, as well as into supporting Organized Play. If you are interested in joining Null Signal Games, please check out our list of open positions. You can donate to support our work via PayPal, or join our Patreon.

The Team

Below you will find a list of the current Null Signal Games executive and leadership teams. Find us on stimhack.slack.com in the #NullSignal and #future channels, on the Fediverse as @NullSignalGames@peoplemaking.games, on Twitter as @NullSignalGames, and on Facebook as NullSignalGames. You can reach our Rules team at @Netrunner_Rules on Twitter.

Most of our departments have dedicated email addresses, but if you’re not sure which to contact, then our “reception” email address is info@nullsignal.games.

The Exec

  • icecoldjazz (he/him) President president@nullsignal.games
  • Ed (he/him) VP of Engagemented@nullsignal.games
  • KevinTame (he/him) VP of Product kevintame@nullsignal.games
  • Paillu (ey/em)VP of Staff Support eridian@nullsignal.games

Leadership Team

  • izzy (she/they) Community community@nullsignal.games
  • Zoe (she/her) Design — design@nullsignal.games
  • divadus (he/him) Development — development@nullsignal.games
  • Drewcifer (he/him) — Distribution (Retailer inquiries) — Drew.Lovell@nullsignal.games
  • Paillu (ey/em)Equality, Diversity, Inclusion edi@nullsignal.games
  • psk (they) – Events – events@nullsignal.games
  • Jon (he/him) Marketing marketing@nullsignal.games
  • Anzekay (they/them) Narrative narrative@nullsignal.games
  • Redemptor (he/him) — Support (Online Store) — support@nullsignal.games
  • Ysengrin (he/him) Organised Play op@nullsignal.games
  • Extrac (he/him) Production — production@nullsignal.games
  • Ben Pack (he/him) — Project Management — projectmanagement@nullsignal.games
  • TamiJo (it/its) Recruitment recruitment@nullsignal.games
  • Jamie Perconti (they/them) Rules rules@nullsignal.games
  • lostgeek (he/him) Standard Balance Team
  • MrBuggles (he/him) and PouchSurfer (he/him) Translation translation@nullsignal.games
  • Conrad “Banknote” (he/him) Visual art@nullsignal.games
  • Plural (he/him) Web Development website@nullsignal.games