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Europe, Middle East and Africa Continental Championship – Recap

CobraBubbles brings us the highlights from one of 2024’s biggest Netrunner events, the EMEA Continental Championship.

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2024 Intercontinental Championship and July-August AMTs Details

Dates and times for the 2024 Intercontinental Championship and Accelerated Meta Tests for July and August!

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What is Null Signal Games?

Null Signal Games is a registered nonprofit dedicated to providing ongoing support for the game of Netrunner. Our all-volunteer team designs and playtests new cards, provides prize support for community events, maintains ban lists for competitive play, and much more. We aim to keep the game of Netrunner not only alive, but thriving.

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System Gateway – Remastered Edition is the best way to jack in and start learning the game. Featuring a streamlined duel deck setup and full playsets of simple, yet powerful cards, it’s the new cornerstone of your collection.

Latest Expansion

Rebellion Without Rehearsal is the second half of the Liberation Cycle. As the protests in Brazil over the recently-passed bill aiming to strip bioroids of their rights and citizenship reach a fever pitch, our protagonists wrestle with their conscience to decide how extreme the measures they’re prepared to take to defend their escaped clone and bioroid friends and families. Meanwhile, each Corp pursues its own shadowy agenda, which brings them into conflict not only with the Runners, but each other too.

Rebellion Without Rehearsal contains full playsets of 65 brand new cards. These provide additional support to the mechanical themes introduced in The Automata Initiative, the first set in this cycle, and introduce new ways to explore the Threat mechanic introduced in that set.

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We design and playtest expansions for Netrunner. Get them as printed cards from our print-on-demand partners or print them yourself at home!

A splash of six cards from System Gateway