Ashes Remastered Edition Update

Update: Release and distribution of physical cards for these sets has unfortunately met a small delay. See here for details.

We are pleased to announce that the remastered editions of Ashes: Downfall and Ashes: Uprising will be released on 12 February.

Upon release, both sets will start shipping from our distribution hubs, and also become available from our print-on-demand partners at DriveThru and MakePlayingCards. They will also be downloadable as free print-and-play PDFs on their respective product pages.


For customers in the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia, the English language edition of both sets are currently available for pre-order on our online store. Preordering will ensure that your copies are shipped first on release, and also helps us estimate what the initial demand will be so we can adjust our print run. We therefore urge you to pre-order as soon as possible!


We expect approximately 4-5 languages to be available on release. The remaining languages will become available in the weeks following release. We will issue updates via our social media when a new translation becomes available. 

Product Exchange Program

With the launch of Downfall and Uprising, anyone eligible for our product exchange program (whether for just those sets or for System Gateway and System Update 2021 as well) is encouraged to take advantage of it by emailing us and including the information specified on the product exchange program page. You are encouraged to apply during this pre-order period, to help us gauge demand for each set and adjust the size of our print run!

The product exchange program will continue to be available for 6 months after launch. You will have until 12 August to apply to it. 

Once you’ve sent us an email and the exchange has been approved, you’ll receive an email with a purchase order from our shop. You will be responsible for completing this order and covering the shipping fee. After you complete the purchase order, we’ll ship your cards. Please note that we won’t have the cards in stock until after the presale finishes, so expect a delivery timeframe of a few weeks.

EU Store Availability

As noted in the latest update regarding reopening our EU online store, we are still fulfilling replacement orders and are several weeks away from being able to reopen. Both Downfall and Uprising will be available on the EU online store once it reopens, though anyone wanting to get their remastered editions sooner will be able to find them on MakePlayingCards. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the product exchange program is encouraged to apply now, even though their replacement sets may not be shipped until the EU store reopens, to help us gauge the size of our print run.

We are excited to finally have all our sets remastered and using our new card back! With this project out of the way we look forward to being able to focus on our upcoming sets and continue to build a bright future for Netrunner!