EU Card Replacement – 12 December Update

We committed to regular updates on our progress on replacing cards for EU customers, and on reopening the EU store with product using better quality card stock. This is the third of those updates.

Logistics and Distribution

There are no significant updates for our logistics at this time. General prep work and the ordering of shipping boxes and supplies is in progress.

For Tournament Organizers in the UK and the EU wanting to order the 2024 H1 Circuit Opener kit, we are taking pre-orders for this item on both the UK and EU online stores. The stores have been opened for those regions for this item only. This kit will be wholly produced and distributed by ourselves with cards printed by MPC.

The EU store will not fully open until all outstanding shipments of replacement sets have been shipped. We’ll communicate when this date will be in a future update. As detailed in our first update, anyone who ordered any set through the EU store will be sent replacements free of charge unless they opted out by 20 November. If your address has changed since you placed your original order, please contact us as soon as possible!


The main English language order has an updated ETA of 22 December for arrival, which is a little later than we initially hoped but mostly on track. Given the proximity of Christmas and the vagaries of customs we do expect this to drift somewhat. We’ll keep you posted as we get more updates!

The Parhelion portion of the shipment has managed to arrive early however! These are being unpacked and any single orders that consist of only this set will be mailed out over the next two weeks. As more stock comes in we’ll be processing what we can as soon as we can.

Product Status

The French and German translations for System Update 2021 and The Automata Initiative are now complete. We are currently prepping the files for printing with MPC, and undertaking final quality checks before placing the card order early next week.

Prior Updates


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