EU Card Replacement – 24 November Update

In our previous update on our progress on replacing cards for EU customers and reopening the EU store using product using better quality card stock, we outlined the options available to everyone who bought the substandard cards, and how the replacement program would be handled. We’re ready to give you a further update today.

Logistics and Distribution

While we didn’t plan on setting up our own logistics, and certainly not to do it so soon, we have been able to secure the commitment of an EU-based distributor in France. The model will follow the pattern we’ve used in the US, Canada and Australia for localized distribution to great success. 

This engagement will be initially focused on the Card Replacement Program, but we are actively exploring longer term options to coincide with the future store re-opening. We will share additional details when we can.

Product Status

All English language stock has already been ordered from MakePlayingCards, and is currently in production. We’re expecting this to arrive in the EU by mid-December.

All non-English language stock will be manufactured in a combined second order. We are waiting for the completion of the French and German translations for System Update 2021 before we can place this order. The hard-working Translation team is finishing up final proofing revisions to these sets, and we expect to be able to confirm that we have that stock in production by our next update in two weeks.

The French translation of The Automata Initiative will also be completing at the same time, and will therefore be available to order once our EU store reopens for new orders.


While we will be receiving the cards approximately when we hoped to, it is very likely that proximity to the Christmas season will add to the time needed for shipping and customs clearance. We will keep you updated as things progress. In our estimate, we should set our expectations towards mid-January for the beginning of order fulfillment.

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