EU Card Replacement November Update

In our previous article, we committed to regular updates on our progress on replacing cards for EU customers, and on reopening the EU store with product using better quality card stock. This is the first of those updates. 

Last night we sent out an email to all EU customers outlining the options they have available to them. We are repeating this information below for anyone who missed that email. 

For EU customers who purchased sets via

You have the following options to choose from:

  1. We’re offering a full replacement of the entire contents of your order with cards printed via MPC on 330gsm card stock, the standard product we supply in other regions. If this is your preferred option, you do not need to do anything. If we do not hear from you by 20 November, we will proceed with sending replacements of every set in your order. You do not need to return your existing cards.
  2. You may instead choose to receive a full refund on your order. If you would prefer a refund please contact us with your full name and order number and we will process a refund to your account as soon as possible. You may also choose to have some parts of your order replaced and some parts refunded – please specify so in your email to us if this is the case. If you have not contacted us by 20 November, we will send you replacements. You do not need to return your existing cards.
  3. If you placed an order through our shop and picked them up at Worlds you do not need to do anything. They will be sent to you automatically as per option 1. 
  4. If you do not want a replacement, whether because you are happy with the quality of your cards or because you do not wish us to incur extra costs, we appreciate your consideration. However, we strongly urge you to consider taking the free replacements (as per option 1), as we will not be sourcing cards with this overly thin paper stock again, so any future sets you buy will be distinctly different in touch and feel from these cards. We take full responsibility for this issue and want to make it right for everyone. We do not want you to experience disappointment in the future. You do not need to take any action to receive your replacements: if we do not hear from you by 20 November, we will proceed with sending you a replacement.

For customers who purchased sets at the World Championship in Barcelona

If you bought sets at Worlds, or purchased additional sets at Worlds as well as picking up sets you ordered via our store, please email us with your Square receipt and invoice received at the event, as well as your full mailing address and phone number. We will replace those sets for you. You do not need to return your existing cards. Note that this applies to customers from all regions who picked up cards at Worlds, not just EU customers. 

For EU customers who purchased sets via third-party retailers

If you purchased cards via your local game store or an online retailer other than our store, please contact us directly for replacements. Please include the receipt or invoice from your retailer.

If you prefer a refund, please contact the retailer you purchased from directly. They have received instructions via email to process your refunds, for which they will be reimbursed by us.

For Third-Party EU Retailers who ordered stock via

If you are a games store or other retailer who ordered stock directly from us, we will replace your stock at no cost to you. Please send us an email with your original order number and the number of sets you need to be replaced. In the meantime, please stop selling the remaining inventory of these items immediately, as they do not meet our quality standards. Ensure that the unsold products are disposed of properly. (We suggest you donate them to local schools, games clubs, or public libraries.)

Your customers can contact us directly for replacements. If possible, provide them with a full invoice/receipt of the products ordered and quantities with their order and mailing address.

If your customers would prefer a refund than a replacement, please validate their order is accurate and process the refund. They do not need to return the product to you. Please add the refunded set count to your email to us.

For customers who bought French language System Gateway and Midnight Sun via

If you purchased the French language edition of System Gateway and/or Midnight Sun, you may have received sets that were either partially or entirely in Spanish instead. This was due to an issue with the print files we provided to the manufacturer, and we apologize sincerely for this error. 

Corrected copies are being printed, and will be sent out as replacements to you free of charge, with no action required on your part

If you would instead like to receive a refund, please email us with your full name and original order number. You may choose to have some sets replaced and some sets refunded: simply specify your request in your email.

For customers who bought French or German language System Update 2021 via

If you ordered either the French or German language System Update 2021, you have our profound apologies. These sets were available for order inadvertently for a short period of time when the translations were not in fact completed. Your orders for this set therefore couldn’t be fulfilled. You may have received a partial order with the other items you ordered, but missing this set.

Translations for both languages should be finalized in the next few weeks. Once complete, we will be immediately printing these sets and sending them out to you, along with any other replacement items you may have. No action is required on your part

Should you prefer a refund for all or part of your order instead, please email us with your full name and original order number along with your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I didn’t get my original order! We’re very sorry for this, the process of filling orders was slower than expected, and once issues were raised by the community about the card stock quality we put a hold on processing orders while we investigated. If your order wasn’t shipped then, we will be sending it directly ourselves. No further action is required by you
  • What should I do with my original sets? You do not need to return them to us. Feel free to keep them, or donate them to a fellow runner in need, your local meta, friendly local game store, board games cafe or games club, school or public library etc. 
  • Will Circuit Opener, Nationals, or Worlds prizes and promos also be replaced? Yes, we will be replacing these cards. We are working with Organized Play to determine what needs to be replaced and at what quantities, and we will be sending an additional email (and posting an article on this blog) detailing the process through which they will be replaced when we are ready.
  • Will I have to pay VAT, Duty or Customs fees? No. We will be importing stock ourselves into the EU and therefore paying VAT and Customs duties ourselves. Shipping within the EU will be covered by us.
  • My address has changed since I placed my order! If your address has been changed, or had an error and you did not previously cancel your order for a refund, then please contact us with your order number and new address by 20 November.
  • What if I ordered through a third party retailer, or if I am a third party retailer? We will be replacing stock purchased from third party retailers ourselves, as detailed above. Please email us with an invoice/receipt from your order as well as your name, address, and the items you need replaced. There is no need to contact the original vendor unless you require a refund instead of a replacement. Retail stores who ordered stock from us will also have it replaced, as detailed above.
  • Why can’t I place new orders from the online store? The store will remain closed while we contract a new manufacturing and distribution partner. All existing orders will be replaced before any new orders are fulfilled. You can still purchase our cards via MakePlayingCards or DriveThruCards in the meantime.
  • How do I find out what’s going on? We will be continuing to issue regular updates on this website and via email.


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