August 2021 Translation Update

We last updated you on the status of translating System Gateway and System Update 2021 back in April. Our volunteer translation teams have continued their incredible work since then. Here’s the latest on NISEI translation efforts:

System Gateway and System Update 2021

System Gateway and System Update 2021 are now available in three additional languages: French, Polish, and Korean!

This is in addition to English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, and Italian, bringing the total number of translations for these products to eight.

Spanish, Japanese, and Catalan translations will be coming soon.

Other Translation Efforts

In addition to translations of this year’s sets, we also have updated Korean translations for Downfall, Uprising, and Magnum Opus. These Korean translations use improved and corrected wordings and updated style, and are now available on MakePlayingCards.

We’ve also begun translating the NISEI website! As you might expect, this is a large project. We’re beginning with pages related to System Gateway and System Update 2021, and will extend outwards from there.

Accessing Translations

In addition to following these links above to translated product pages, you can also switch your language manually. To do this, select a language from the dropdown menu in the top navigation bar. This option only appears for pages that have translations, and will only display existing translations for that page.

A cursor hovers over the "translation" icon in this website's navigation bar. A dropdown menu containing four languages has appeared.

And as always, if you’d like to assist with translation, we welcome your help! Please check out the Join NISEI page for more information on applying to become a volunteer translator.


  • Spencer Dub

    Spencer is Null Signal's Community Manager. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife and cat, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game.