Community Roundup 31 August 2021

A quick out of sequence update, taking advantage of the post-Continentals lull to mention a few upcoming events.

  • The Stimhack League, one of the oldest online institutions in Netrunner, has been revived! See here on how to join! Registrations are already live!
  • This Saturday (the day before Intercontinentals), we are hosting an online testing tournament for the brand new revamped Eternal format that Lostgeek and other dedicated combolords have been hard at work refining. This will be a casual, free entry event, but decklists will be required, as the data will be used to adjust the points values on the list. See here for all the details you’ll need to join!
  • Netrunner is returning to the (former) FFG Game Center (now GameZenter) for the Off The Grid Midwest Championships in two weeks time! See here for all the info you’ll need!
  • Continental Championships may be over, but there’s still something to look forward to, as the top 4 players of each Continental will face off for a special Intercontinental Championship this Sunday! Tune into for all the action at 11am UTC.
  • Speaking of Continentals, the recordings of the American and African&European Championships are still available on our Twitch channel, and will be migrated to our YouTube before they expire. Videos of the Asia-Pacific Championships (the majority of which was kindly streamed by GinevraMakes) will be uploaded to our YouTube soon, but the first three rounds are already viewable on The Winning Agenda’s YouTube channel.

That’s all for now! See you in stream chat on the weekend!