System Update 2021 – Remastered Edition

Update. Expand. Refresh your mainframe with System Update 2021 – Remastered Edition!

System Update 2021 Remastered Edition cover

System Update 2021 – Remastered Edition is a set of over 80 classic Netrunner cards, reprinted with updated Null Signal Games rules and templating and brand-new original illustrations. It is designed as the perfect follow-up purchase for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the game after experiencing System Gateway.

Fast Facts

  • Release date: March 28, 2021 (original), July 3, 2023 (remastered)
  • Size: Full playsets of 82 classic cards (including 10 identity cards: 6 Runner identities and 4 Corp identities)
  • Total cards: 226 playable cards, plus player aids
  • Set symbol: “21” within rotating arrows
  • NetrunnerDB set abbreviation: su21

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Upon release, System Update 2021 immediately becomes legal in the Standard and Eternal formats, as well as Null Signal’s new Startup format, with a two-week grace period before becoming legal at Competitive-level events. System Update 2021’s release also triggers a rotation for the Standard format: Honor and Profit, the SanSan Cycle, System Core 2019, and Salvaged Memories will no longer be legal in Standard.

To see what remains in Standard, check out our Supported Formats page.

System Update 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is not an introductory set. If you are new to Netrunner, you should begin with System Gateway, our introductory product.

If you already have System Gateway or already know how to play Netrunner, System Update 2021 will expand your cardpool with reprints of classic cards.

No. System Update 2021 contains Null Signal reprints of classic Netrunner cards, using our own templating, frames, glyphs, rules text, and all-new illustrations.

No. The changes in the Remastered Editions of our sets are mostly cosmetic. The original editions of System Gateway, System Update 2021, and the Ashes Cycle packs Downfall and Uprising remain valid and legal for all Organized Play formats that the sets are a part of. Although the old card back can be distinguished from the new one if not using fully-opaque sleeves, choosing a suitable good quality opaque sleeve makes it a non-issue, even in competitive play. See here for a guide to selecting the right sleeves.

While in some cases the rules text of the card has been updated or subtypes added, this does not invalidate the original cards. The definitive source for current rules text is always considered to be the Card Text Updates document rather than the physical card, so your original cards continue to be valid.

A full changelog for all remastered sets will be compiled soon, but the most important changes are that the new card backs no longer have the word “NISEI” on them, the “Trojan” subtype has been added to programs hosted on ice, the term “brain damage” has been replaced with “core damage” on rules, inserts, and player aids, some minor flaws in the templates and art layout have been corrected, and minor corrections have been made to rules and flavour text.

Null Signal Games continues to maintain and update the rules of the game, with an eye toward clarity and consistency. The rules changes for System Update 2021 introduced new terms for familiar parts of the game.

You can learn more on our Major Changes page, by reading the Rules team’s explanatory article, or by checking out the System Update 2021 Release Notes when they are released.

System Update 2021 contains two Runner identities for each primary faction and one Corp identity for each faction, for a total of ten identities.

Of course! As long as System Update 2021 is legal in Standard and Startup, any printing of a card contained in the set is legal to use in those formats.

The card’s most recent release in a Null Signal Games set is treated as authoritative. Even if you use an older printing of a card in System Update 2021, it was treated as though it had the modern text.

In most cases, if a card’s wording has changed, the change is non-functional; there is likely little-to-no change in actual functionality compared to what’s printed on the older card.

Hedge Fund and Sure Gamble have been reprinted in System Gateway.

Rules text in a game like Netrunner works as its own language of sorts; occasionally, we have to deviate from conventional grammar rules in order to satisfy the rules of the game.

SanSan City Grid

Starting with System Gateway and System Update 2021, we are deprecating the word “has” for modifiers and will use the word “gets” instead. In cases where a modifier is negative, “has -N” can be ambiguous and hard to parse: is it subtracting N from the value or setting the value to -N? Using “gets” avoids this.

Punitive Counterstrike

Yes. As of the 2021 release of System Gateway and System Update 2021, traces are now printed in plain, non-bold text. We have also changed the format of traces by removing the dash.

We recognize this is a change. The instruction “Trace[X]” has historically been printed in bold text, including on recent Null Signal Games cards like Winchester. However, “trace” is the only card text that is presented in bold that is not a cost or a subtype, and we decided this exception was not pulling its weight. We want to minimize switching formatting in the middle of the text box. Additionally, we did not want to set the precedent that keywords are bolded.

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