Welcome to Rebellion Without Rehearsal Previews

Rebellion Without Rehearsal has been a long time fomenting, and now, finally, Preview Season has broken out! Starting today and until March 17, previews of the new cards will begin appearing here on our website, alongside new fiction recounting the unrest rocking Brazil since the Automata Initiative’s passage through the legislature, as well as other articles. We have also sent cards to several content creators and other members of the community to share with you, starting on Monday, March 11!

You’ve already had a glimpse at some of the new cards in the card fan accompanying the announcement of the set’s name. The eagle-eyed among you also noticed two pieces of art from the new set used promotional material at our booth in Emerald City Comic Con! Look forward to all those cards being fully revealed over the next few days!

Revolution Without Rehearsal card fan

The first piece of Rebellion Without Rehearsal fiction was published last month, so if you haven’t yet read Patrick Sklar’s An Eye for Talent, be sure to do so before diving into today’s previews! 

Our first batch of cards have already been revealed. In Hearts and Minds, a series of short vignettes by Patrick Sklar, we are introduced to Nuvem SA, the Weyland presence in Brazil, and their various sinister activities. 

For a quick shortcut to all the articles on our site, use the following links:

Any cards previewed on our website will be uploaded to NetrunnerDB on the same day. Cards previewed by community members will be uploaded two days later, so if you want to see them straightaway, visit their channels or spaces to do so! Any cards not previewed will be uploaded on release day.

Preview Schedule

As was the case in Preview Seasons past, the schedule below might be subject to some adjustments, as the dates for some previews have yet to be confirmed, and some people may need to move their dates at short notice. Additionally, some reveals which are intended as surprises do not appear in the schedule below. Be sure to monitor our social media for any last minute changes or surprise reveals!

Our own Jeff Pruyne is planning to host Daily Casts on his YouTube Channel for the fourth consecutive time! Be sure to tune in at 6PM Eastern Time for a recap of all the day’s reveals! (Please note that the USA switches to Summer time on 10 March when converting the start time to your local time zone: it will start at 11pm UTC and switch to 10pm UTC.)

Friday, March 8

  • The new Weyland identity, Nuvem SA, and two new Weyland cards, are revealed in Hearts and Minds by Patrick Sklar.
  • The Green Level Clearance Discord server has received a mysterious message purporting to be from 2byte_Ike! Log into !holonet to help decipher the transmission!

Saturday, March 9

  • Sebastião Souza Pessoa, the new Anarch identity, and two of his supporting cards, are revealed in a new story by Anzekay and a design article by Safer from our Game Dev team! EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the piece of fiction about Seb will be published at a later date.

Sunday, March 10

  • Calvin Wong Tze Loon’s fiction takes us into the cavernous factories of Thunderbolt Armaments, perhaps the most muscular HB identity to date!
  • The Balance Team delivers a brief update to the Standard Ban List, with perhaps a little sweetener in the form of another HB card.

Monday, March 11

  • A motley crew of protesters ready to frustrate the Corps’ plans arrives to bolster the Anarch ranks in a story by Anzekay on our website. EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the story about Arruaceiras Crew will be published later.
  • We pass the baton over to community members. First up, Baa Ram Wu has a trio of unusual cards to show us in an exciting livestream!
  • Don’t close that YouTube tab when that stream ends! Instead, head to Neon Static’s channel for yet another livestream revealing some more Anarch cards!

Tuesday, March 12

  • The Process want to talk Efficiency, and have some exciting cards to show us, courtesy of podcast sponsor HB. 
  • It’s a full day of podcasts, with The Slumscast taking over for some NBN previews, with special guest NSG’s Visual Director Conrad.

Wednesday, March 13

  • Our very own podcast, Null Signal Station (with extra special guest this author) has three new but familiar ice cards to discuss.
  • These three Jinteki cards surely don’t need The Métropole Grid’s signature visual flair and infectious enthusiasm to make an impression, but it certainly won’t hurt! Make sure to tune back in to The Métropole Grid on Thursday, for Andrej’s longer takes on the cards!
  • Head back to nullsignal.games for the announcement of a new appointment, spiced up with an extra Jinteki preview!

Thursday, March 14

  • For his first time taking part in a preview season, Jai will be showing off a pair of new cards that do new and unusual things. Watch live on his YouTube or Twitch
  • The Zahya Enthusiasts Club, known for The Shadow Net podcast, gathers to discuss some new Criminal cards.
  • Back on our website, 2020 World Champion Richard “Limes” Hall will reveal his champion card design!
  • EDIT: A special surprise reveal by NSG Narrative team member Patrick Sklar while co-hosting a Métropole Grid live stream! Preview begins an hour in, for those who don’t want to watch all of it.

Friday, March 15

  • After a week of recapping everyone else’s reveals, Jeff AKA YsengrinSC takes to the stage to preview three brand new tools guaranteed to get every Shaper player excited!
  • The Queering The Message podcast have a trio of Weyland cards to reveal and trash from their HQ in order to inflict 3 hype on the Runner!
  • 2021 American Continental Champion Jonas “tbu3k” Wilson will be revealing his champion card design at an undisclosed location. Everyone keep your eyes out while browsing community sites and spaces! EDIT: Jonas’s card can be found here!
  • EDIT: It has just been confirmed that yet another Weyland card is to revealed somewhere in the Deep Net that is the Stimhack Slack server! Go help the Runners on there fight off the Corp trace attempt!
  • EDIT: If you’ve been following the Rebellion Without Rehearsal Number Crunch and Spoiler Thread over on the Stimhack forum, there may be a surprise for you!

Saturday, March 16

  • Today we have a special reveal that’s part of a new initiative. In collaboration with community member and GLC admin Marbles, we picked four community members who each come from a marginalised group, and gave each of them a card to reveal! Please check back here or on our socials closer to time for details about where each of them will be unveiling their card.
    • First up was Gloompunk, who posted their card on Green Level Clearance (preview here, invite link here).
    • Next, we have rgdelato, who unveiled their card in a tournament game commentary video on their YouTube channel!
  • BREAKING NEWS! Epiphany Analytica announces acquisition of gordianbla.de

Today, Epiphany Analytica and the market leader for niche card game puzzles, Gordianbla.de, have announced a mutual acquisition agreement. The NBN Division has promised long-standing customers that service quality will not change under this shift in management and has assured that a change in monetisation model is "very unlikely".

  • EDIT: Intrepid Runners have been investigating NBN’s sudden acquisition of an obscure card game-based puzzle site! If you are on a Discord server which employs the Sahasrara card bot (such as Green Level Clearance), you can aid in their effort by DMing $quest to the bot!

Sunday, March 17

  • We’re back on nullsignal.games for two blog posts with which to round out Preview Season! The first is an article by Conrad and WaterlilyJoy from our Visual team, in which they introduce us to the various Brazilian artists who got to work on the Liberation Cycle, talking to them about the cards they illustrated, and their previous connections to gaming and cyberpunk settings.
  • Finally, we have another story from Anzekay about Mercury’s last resort attempt to save their siblings from becoming property, along with three exciting and widely speculated-about cards.

We’re excited to be bringing Rebellion Without Rehearsal out into the world! We look forward to seeing your reactions to these cards, and can’t wait to see how you use them in your decks!

Rebellion Without Rehearsal will be released on March 18, 2024. It will be available on the Null Signal Games online store, through our print-on-demand partners, selected game stores and authorized resellers, and as free print-and-play PDFs from its product page. It will also be playable on Jinteki.net within a few days of release.

Excited about future sets? Apply to be a playtester for “Dawn”, the set after Rebellion Without Rehearsal. All experience levels welcome, especially newer players! Click here for details!