Liberation Part 2, Upcoming Products, and Rotation

Hello, Runners! NSG is planning big changes in 2024, including updates to the cardpool and the release of new products for both beginning and experienced players. We’re excited to share these plans with our dedicated community and hope for another incredible year of Netrunner.


  • Liberation Part 2 is planned for release at the end of Q1 2024.
  • A new foundational product, code-named Dawn, is poised for a second half of 2024 release, replacing System Update 2021.
  • All FFG printings in the Standard format will rotate on Dawn’s release.

Liberation Part 2: Back to Brazil

Netrunner returns to the streets of Brazil once more as we delve deeper into the captivating story of the Liberation cycle. Thanks to the efforts of our playtesters, Development teams, and the Narrative and Art teams, we are on track for the planned Q1 2024 launch. 

Introducing “Dawn”

A new foundational product code-named Dawn is planned for release in the second half of 2024. This product will replace System Update 2021 as a supplementary product to expand on the introductory experience of System Gateway. Dawn isn’t merely a rehash of old cards, instead introducing baseline effects and reimagined classic cards to support quality deck building. Its exclusion from the normal rotation schedule will ensure players can craft competitive decks across Standard and Startup formats alike.

FFG Card Rotation

Securing physical copies of FFG sets of cards has become a daunting challenge for new players, resulting in a bifurcated community where some players only play with NSG cards and others play with the full standard card pool. The clash between the game released by FFG and NSG’s ongoing vision often unsettled the game’s equilibrium, hindering the optimal player experience. We’ve decided that we want to accelerate the rotation of FFG releases from the standard card pool in order to unite the community and liberate us (pun intended) so that we can chart a new course for future development.

Projected Timeline

Both the new product Dawn and the accelerated rotation of the FFG cards are a change from our original product plan. Below is an updated high level plan of the next four sets.

ProductRelease WindowStandard RotationStartup Rotation
Liberation Set 2First Half 2024No rotationBorealis Cycle rotates out
Codename DawnSecond Half 2024Red Sand, Reign and Reverie, Kitara, Magnum Opus, System Update 2021System Update 2021 rotates out
Codename Piggy Bank Set 1First Half 2025No rotationNo rotation
Codename Piggy Bank Set 2Second Half 2025No rotationLiberation Cycle rotates out


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