Announcing Rebellion Without Rehearsal

As the Automata Initiative, poised to strip bioroids of their rights, inches ever closer to becoming law, protests in Brazil reach a fever pitch. Will the National Congress listen to the will of the people, or crush the protests with violence? With every megacorporation stepping in to protect their own interests or make use of the chaos, desperate times are leading to desperate measures. Arissana’s art reaches a bigger audience than ever, Mercury’s imperative to protect their people is put to the test, and across the nation all are called to decide just how far they are willing to go.

We are happy to announce Rebellion Without Rehearsal, the second and final part of the Liberation Cycle. This set delves deeper into the factions jockeying for advantage during the political upheavals which began in The Automata Initiative. We meet Sebastião Souza Pessoa, an Anarch political activist, community organizer, and devoted father. We will feel the ground rumble beneath the heavy machinery of Nuvem SA, the first new Weyland identity to care about operations since Building a Better World. We will venture within the cavernous munitions factories of Thunderbolt Armaments, the HB subsidiary lobbying for the Automata Initiative to be passed into law, and taking advantage of the unrest to offer protection to a panicked government. 

Revolution Without Rehearsal card fan, showing Sebastião Souza Pessoa, Cupellation, a Weyland agenda, an NBN ice, an HB operation with the name partially hidden, a Jinteki ice, and a Shaper 1-cost run event called Burner with card text "Run HQ. If successful, instead of breaching HQ, reveal 3 cards in HQ at random. Add 2 of the revealed cards to the top and/or bottom of R&D." Flavour text reads "They'll be talking about me for years. –Arissana Rocha Nahu"

You can also look forward to:

  • A new operation subtype
  • More threat cards
  • A 10-cost ice
  • Two new cards with the academic subtype
  • The first ever card with both the executive and sysop subtypes
  • A new Runner win condition
  • A new mythic ice
  • A 2 influence Neutral event

Rebellion Without Rehearsal will contain 65 new cards including three new identity cards. It will be available on our online store (for regions currently served by it), through our print-on-demand partners, and as free downloadable print-and-play PDFs. Your local game stores can also order it via the retailer portal if you are in a region served by our store.

Upon release, Rebellion Without Rehearsal will become legal immediately in casual-tier tournaments, and after a two week period in competitive-tier events. Its release will trigger the rotation of the Borealis Cycle from the Startup format. It will not trigger a rotation for Standard. 

Keep an eye on our website where the precise release date will be announced soon — Rebellion Without Rehearsal preview season will begin in March! In the meantime, click here to read An Eye For Talent, a story about Jinteki asset retrieval specialists tracking their quarry through a crowd, by Patrick Sklar.