Null Signal Games at PAX Unplugged 2023

Null Signal Games is once again on the way to Philadelphia for PAX Unplugged (1-3 December). We will be at booth 4116 in the expo hall. At our booth you can chat with some Null Signal volunteers, get a Netrunner tutorial using the System Gateway demo decks, as well as pick up some cards and promos. At the booth we will be selling copies of System Gateway, System Update 2021, Midnight Sun, Parhelion, and The Automata Initiative

Pax Unplugged Expo Hall Map showing location of NSG booth
Pax Unplugged Expo Hall Map with location of NSG booth marked

We will also have for sale two new playmats. Raindrops Cut Stone from Parhelion, and Umbrella from The Automata Initiative

Anyone stopping by the booth will also be able to pick up the 2024 convention promo, Wage Workers!

Wage Workers convention promo
Wage Workers convention promo

Tournaments and Meetups

There will be Netrunner events all 3 days of the convention. 

On Friday December 1st after the expo hall closes we have a community meetup located at the Tabletop Tournament area in Hall D. This is a place for you to play some casual games of Netrunner, hang out with members of the community, and win some prizes. In addition, local tournament organizer ColdLava will also be running the annual “Janksgiving” tournament at the same time. Information on the Janksgiving tournament can be found on the Green Level Clearance Discord server in the #yellow-sun channel. 

On Saturday morning at 10:30 we will be running a Standard tournament at Tabletop Tourney in Hall D. Do you have what it takes to be crowned the best Netrunner player at PAX Unplugged 2023? More information on the tournament can be found on its Always Be Running page.

Last but not least, we will be holding a Startup tournament on Sunday, 3 December, as a drop in/drop out event running from 10.30AM until 3PM in Tabletop Tourney in Hall D. Every game you play and every game you win will each get you 1 ticket, which can be exchanged for prizes on the prize table. 

PAX Unplugged convention centre map with the location of our booth and the tournament area both marked
PAX Unplugged convention centre map with the location of our booth and the tournament area both marked

PAX Unplugged is always my favorite Netrunner event of the year, because it is an awesome feeling being able to share this amazing game of ours with new people. If you are in the Philadelphia area and thinking of coming to PAX Unplugged this year, tickets are still available. I am looking forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from PAXUs past below! 


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