Downfall and Uprising Remastered Editions Are Out Now

We are pleased to announce that Ashes: Downfall – Remastered Edition and Ashes: Uprising – Remastered Edition are out now.

Physical availability

As detailed in our previous announcement, these sets will initially be available as print-and-play PDFs only while we await the arrival of physical stock for our online store, which was subject to delays caused by Lunar New Year celebrations. We expect to receive physical stock in early March, at which time these sets will also become available on our online store as well as our print-on-demand partners at DriveThruCards and MakePlayingCards.

We will issue another announcement when these purchase options become available.

If you wish to take advantage of the Product Exchange Program, please apply now by following the instructions in this announcement, so that your cards can be shipped out as soon as possible after we receive them.

Card Images

To download the free print-and-play PDFs, please visit the Downfall – Remastered Edition and Uprising – Remastered Edition product pages, or click below:

In addition, NetrunnerDB will be updated with the Remastered Edition card images later today. You can browse them by following the links below:

Rules Updates

Alongside the release of these two sets comes a new version of the Netrunner Comprehensive Rules and the Card Text Updates documents. You can read all about the rules changes in detail in this article, and download the new documents at our Rules Hub.

We are happy to have concluded the Remastering of our old sets, and look forward to showing off our next set, Rebellion Without Rehearsal! Please come back next month to share the excitement when RWR Preview Season begins!