Comprehensive Rules Hub

An intricate game like Netrunner requires a robust and ever-evolving set of rules to support it. As new sets are released, the Null Signal Games Rules team carefully updates the Comprehensive Rules to support the new expansions, and issues card text updates so that previously printed cards are in line with the latest rules.

On this page, you’ll find the Netrunner Comprehensive Rules and card text updates. If you’re new to the game, don’t start here—check out the Learn to Play guide instead.

Previous Rules Documents

The rules documents below are collected here for archival purposes. They are not the current versions of these documents—for that, please see above.

Previous Comprehensive Rules

Netrunner Comprehensive Rules v.24.02

Netrunner Comprehensive Rules v.23.08

Netrunner Comprehensive Rules v.22.12

Previous Card Text Updates

Netrunner Card Text Updates v.22.12