Ashes Remastered Edition – Release Date Update

Due to delays that have caused our print run for the remastered editions of the Ashes cycle to run into the rush before Chinese New Year, we are unfortunately being forced to revise the release date of Downfall and Uprising remastered editions, which was previously scheduled for February 12

Our print run was unable to be completed prior to the holiday break and week-long factory closure. As a result, we now estimate that the cards will arrive and start shipping from our online store by early March. 

However, with the 2024 tournament season approaching, we want people to have access to the new card text, as well as the accompanying update to the Comprehensive Rules, as soon as possible. Therefore, we will be releasing Downfall and Uprising remastered editions as print-and-play PDFs only, alongside the Comprehensive Rules and Card Text Updates documents, next Friday, February 16, 2024.

In order to ensure physical card release is the same for everyone, and to prevent those of you who placed your trust in us and preordered from getting the cards later than everyone else, we will only be making the sets available through our print-or-demand partners (MakePlayingCards and DriveThruCards) when the set is also available and has begun shipping from our online store

As soon as we know the exact date on which the Ashes remasters will start shipping from our online store and our POD partners, we will issue another update to announce it. We apologize sincerely for the delay, in particular to all of you who have preordered the sets! 

A note on remasters

Previous announcements have indicated that we would also consider revising the Magnum Opus card pack to also undergo the remaster treatment. At this time, with all our focus needed to ensure “Dawn” is on time and of the highest possible calibre, and given that the release of “Dawn” will signal the rotation of all FFG sets from Standard, we have decided that Magnum Opus will not be remastered. However, the MakePlayingCards version of the set has already been updated to the new card backs, and the DriveThru version will similarly be updated soon. 

With this, we have completed our remastering of old sets and have our eyes fixed firmly on the future and a new day for Netrunner.


  • Dave “Redemptor” Thomas

    Dave is on the Distribution team (Canada) for NSG and also answers your support emails. He’s been playing Netrunner since 2023 and favours Criminal and HB. He generally suffers from having too many hobbies.