Volunteer at the 2023 World Championship

Hello Runners!

Once more the Organised Play team will depend on the kindness and work of volunteers to run the biggest event of the year: Null Signal Games’ 2023 World Championship. Worlds 2023 is being held in Barcelona on the 13th, 14th and 15th of October, at the incredible Casa Rius, who are also sponsoring the event. You can read about the venue in our announcement article here.

Organizing and running a 250+ person event is not a small feat, and the more volunteers we can gather, the easier it will be on everyone! We plan on establishing a manageable schedule so the hours aren’t too long and you can rest and have some free time during the three days of the event.

We are looking for:

Judges (12-16 people): We’re looking for any level of understanding of the rules – new or experienced Judges are welcome! Under the supervision of our Marshall, we’ll divide the floor and will have a system in place to make Judging as easy as possible.

Data entry (4-6 people): We’ll need volunteers to help out with the registration phase and the collection and entry of game results. 

Salespeople (4-6 people): We’re looking for people that will manage the Null Signal Games shop and potentially sales for other community members who sell Netrunner-related products but are playing in the main event. Your tasks will include exchange of goods for money and keeping said money safe.

Stream Managers (2 people): We need two experienced streamers to help set up and manage the daily stream for our Twitch Channel.
Note for other streamers: If you are planning to run any kind of Worlds 2023 side-stream on your own channel, especially if it’s in a language other than English, let us know – we would love to promote you before and during the event!

Commentators*: We welcome all community members who are interested in commentating on the games for the stream during any of the three days. Volunteers in other roles who would like to take a turn at commentating will be accommodated.

Side Event Organisers*: If you want to run a pod on Sunday during the cut, contact us at op@nullsignal.games and explain to us what you’d like to do. We’ll find a way to support you and give you the necessary tools to make it happen.

To apply to be a Worlds 2023 Volunteer, please fill out this form:
Volunteer Form NSG 2023 World Championship

Worlds 2023 Volunteers will be compensated in two ways. Firstly, we will be producing a special volunteer-exclusive alt-art card that all volunteers will receive a playset of. In addition, this year Null Signal Games will be covering up to 60€ of travel-related expenses per day for each volunteer. You’ll receive all the information on how to apply for expenses once your application as a volunteer has been approved. We will be trying to give a response within a week from the reception of each application, and will send out all the schedules the week before the event at the latest. 

If you’re interested in flying to Barcelona for the event to play or volunteer, but you can’t afford it, Run Together might be for you! Run Together is an initiative run by NSG Marketing Team Lead DanB, which crowdfunds community members’ travel and accommodation for Worlds. For more information, contact us at op@nullsignal.games and we’ll put you in contact with DanB. More information on Run Together will be made public soon.

Please consider volunteering at Worlds 2023 if you are able to. Helping make the biggest event in the Netrunner calendar happen is a great feeling – and we can’t do it without you! Apply here, and we’ll see you in Barcelona!

*NOTE: Monetary compensation for these roles will be calculated proportional to time spent. 


  • PsK

    PsK is Null Signal Games' former Organised Play Manager. Since she loves to organise things and to play Netrunner, she'd say things turned out pretty well for her.