Tickets for the 2023 World Championship Available July 17th

Hello Runners! 

We’re here to share the latest news on the Null Signal 2023 World Championship! This is the biggest in-person event of the year, open to everyone who wants to play a lot of Netrunner, no matter the level. This year we are hosting in beautiful Barcelona on the 13th, 14th and 15th of October, and we are being sponsored by the venue itself, an amazing space, Casa Rius. You can read about the venue in our announcement article here.

Now, let’s get into the juicy news: 

Tickets will be up for sale on Monday July 17th, at 12 pm CEST (UTC+2), at this link. 

(Click here to convert that time to your local time zone.)

We’re letting you know in advance because we only have 260 seats and 27 of them are already booked for National and Continental winners. You’ll be able to acquire a ticket for 75€ (calculate exchange rates here). That will grant you access to all the events from Friday to Sunday. This includes Friday’s Team Event, Saturday’s Main Event and Sunday’s Top Cut for the Standard event and all side events.

If you want to join our community in the celebration of this game we all love so much, but you don’t feel like playing, you can volunteer your time (in exchange for some goodies and our eternal gratitude). You can read all about volunteering at Worlds here.

We’ll soon have more information about prizes, formats, side events and all the other details you’ll need to know about Worlds, but this is all for now! See you in Barcelona!

NOTE: If you are a Continental or National Championship winner in 2023, please reach out to us at to claim your free ticket. If you buy a ticket, but subsequently win a National or Continental Championship, your ticket price will be refunded. Winners who are unable to travel to this year’s World Championship will be permitted to roll over their invite for one year. Any tickets reserved for winners who will redeem it next year or have already bought one will be released for sale at a later point (which will be announced).


  • PsK

    PsK is Null Signal Games' former Organised Play Manager. Since she loves to organise things and to play Netrunner, she'd say things turned out pretty well for her.