Announcing the 2023 World Championship Location & Dates

Hello Runners! 

I’m back and bring excellent news.

As you might have read in this article from last week, the venue for the 2023 World Championship was already selected, and just a few minor legal details needed to be resolved for us to be able to share it with you. Those details have been resolved.

The Organized Play Team (and myself in particular) is absolutely ecstatic to announce that the 2023 World Championship will be held in Casa Rius in Barcelona; on the 13, 14 and 15th of October 2023! These three days will follow the usual structure of our Worlds events: a team tournament on Friday, Swiss Rounds on Saturday, and the Top Cut on Sunday alongside the Side Events.

We feel very happy that a deal could be closed with Casa Rius, since not only is it a beautiful venue, but they’re also sponsoring the event itself. They’re located in the heart of Barcelona, one of the most amazing vacation destinations in the world, so we can’t wait to share more details on how this will be an amazing experience. As the local Tournament Organizer, I look forward to welcoming you to my hometown!

In the meantime, let your imagination run.

The Espai Josep Rius, the heart of Casa Rius and our main event space.


  • PsK

    PsK is Null Signal Games' former Organised Play Manager. Since she loves to organise things and to play Netrunner, she'd say things turned out pretty well for her.