Translation Recruitment and Update

Updated: 18 February 2023

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The Translation team is pleased to welcome Seba, aka PouchSurfer, on board as the Co-Translation Manager! PouchSurfer will be sharing the job with our current Translation Manager, Matt, aka MrBuggles, helping to coordinate the growing team translating the game into 11 languages! We’d like to briefly give the floor to PouchSurfer so he can introduce himself in his own words:

I’m very excited to join the Translation team at NSG! I’m originally from Italy, but spent a good chunk of my life abroad, living in Finland, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, and now the U.S. I played some kitchen table Netrunner back in 2016, but started really getting into the game only in the thick of the pandemic. After PAXU 2021 I started co-organizing weekly meetups in Philly and TOing events here.

Unlike in life, in-game I love to go fast and reckless, so Sportsmetal and Esâ are among my favorite IDs. But the first deck I really got a grip on was Big MaxX, so she has a special place in my heart.

This wonderful community is my favorite part of the game, so I’m thrilled to contribute to it and help it grow in as many ways as I can.

To ensure our two Translation Managers keep busy, Null Signal Games is recruiting more translators for all languages. Support is needed for set releases, and in particular for website translation, as the site is currently a patchwork of translated and untranslated pages.

Previous applicants are encouraged to reapply. Even if you were not previously selected for the role, far more translators are needed now than were previously required.

We currently offer cards in the following 12 languages, with the exceptions noted. Translation into Russian has also begun and is in progress, beginning with the System Gateway set. Translators for both the languages listed below, and for languages we don’t currently offer, are welcome to apply!

  • Catalan
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
    • Parhelion in progress
  • Korean
    • Midnight Sun in progress
    • Parhelion not started
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

To apply to become a volunteer translator, please complete this form.

Translation Team Member

Can you run the net in multiple languages?

Null Signal Games is committed to ensuring as many people around the world as possible can play Netrunner in the language of their choice. Your work as a translator is essential to making this happen! 

As a translator, you will work with the other translators for your language to translate upcoming card sets (and older card sets, if they don’t already exist in your language) and the NSG website. You will be joining a motivated team, with a mix of people who have been translating for NSG since the beginning and newer recruits.

Job responsibilities

– Translating card text for upcoming sets using our translation software to translate all the text on a card

– Proofreading cards before publication by checking the final cards for layout issues, typos, inaccuracies, etc.

– Translating website text in our ongoing project to translate our website using our translation software

Must-have skills

– Native speaker of the language you will be translating into (usually your mother tongue), with excellent written language skills

– Excellent English skills, sufficient to grasp the nuances of both rules text and flavor text and to communicate with other NSG members

– Attention to detail

– Good IT skills – able to quickly learn how to use new software (translation software)

Preferred skills

The following skills are not required, but they may help you stand out.

– Translation experience, especially with board/card/videogames

– Good time management

– Deep knowledge of the Netrunner rules and card pool

– Self-motivated and patient

To apply to Null Signal Games as a Translator, please fill out this form.

A note on diversity

Our current team also acknowledges that the tabletop industry as a whole needs to do a better job with diversity. We are prioritizing those applicants that can bring to NSG different experiences and points of view than what we currently have on our team.

All positions within NSG are non-paid volunteer positions. NSG is a non-profit, and everything we make from the game is reinvested into improving the game!