Visual Team Update and Recruitment

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Please join us in welcoming Conrad as the newest Art Director at Null Signal Games. Conrad has been acting as the Interim Art Director for several months and was critical to the release of Parhelion. In his previous role as a Producer on the Production Team, he had a knack for building systems and managing critical processes. This, and his work on Midnight Sun and Parhelion, has made him a perfect fit for the Art Director position. 

Conrad got into the game in 2015, when his friend gave him the original Core Set as a gift at that friend’s birthday. He fell down the rabbit hole and soon was going to meet-ups and tournaments in New York City.

Conrad has a background as a theater director, which has helped give him an eye towards creating dynamic pictures and telling stories visually. He currently works as a Professor of Technical Theatre and Technical Director, teaching students how to safely build theater sets.

Conrad’s favorite IDs are both from his “home” factions – Leela from Criminal and Jinteki Biotech. In his opinion, every deck deserves at least 1× Snare!

Most of Conrad’s favorite Netrunner art takes place in Netspace. Woman in the Red Dress was one of his first favorites, though his phone background has been NSG’s version of Self-modifying Code since he first saw that art.

One of Conrad’s first tasks is to build out the Visual team to support our efforts and relieve some of the pressure on the team. Read on to find out more about the positions we’re recruiting for!

Self-modifying Code art

Artist Liaison

The Artist Liaison forms a stable foundation to allow Null Signal Games’ art to happen. The Artist Liaison helps organize and manage commissioning artists, facilitate delivering and executing contracts with artists, and generally keep the internal workings of the Visual Team running smoothly. The Artist Liaison works closely with the Art Director, as well as providing support to our Lead Creative Consultant on some projects.

This doesn’t mean the Artist Liaison can’t be part of the creative process, though. All members of the Visual team are invited to be (and usually are) involved in the brief-writing and art critique process, as well as other areas. Visual is a team with many distinct pieces and projects – it takes teamwork to take all of those across the finish line, and you are heavily encouraged to help with that process in this role.

Job Responsibilities

– Aid in communicating with artists and managing the Visual Team’s inbox

– Process contracts, invoices, and other internal documents

– Manage and use work tracking programs (e.g. Trello) to keep work organized and flowing

Must-have Skills

– Excellent organizational and administrative skills

– Experience utilizing work tracking programs, with a preference towards Trello

– The ability to manage communications both internally among staff and externally with artists

– The ability to multi-task and keep multiple projects underway and on track

Preferred Skills

The following skills are not required, but they may help you stand out.

– Experience with visual software

– Experience executing contracts

– Experience hiring artists for commissions

– Experience critiquing art, with an eye for aesthetics, continuity, and style

To apply to Null Signal Games as an Artist Liaison, please fill out this form.

Art Associate

The Art Associate plays a key role in the creative process for set releases at Null Signal Games.  Behind the scenes of the art that leaves players in awe, the Art Associate works closely with the Art Director and other Art Associates to help bring those visually stunning experiences to life. Art Associates directly help with generating art concepts for cards, preparing art briefs to guide artists, critiquing works in progress, and other associated tasks. For all intents and purposes, the Art Associate is the all-arounder of the Visual team, able to cover a wide range of tasks the team will need.

Job Responsibilities

– Generate concepts for art

– Write detailed art briefs to guide artists

– Give specific and constructive feedback during the art critique phase

– Other varied tasks needed by the Visual Design Team

Must-have Skills

– Background in visual art

– Experience in communicating with artists about their art in a positive and constructive manner

– A great eye for detail and aesthetic

– Familiarity with the Netrunner art style and framework

Preferred Skills

The following skills are not required, but they may help you stand out.

– Experience with visual software

– Experience hiring artists for commissions

– Willingness to fill in the gaps of what’s needed by the Visual Design Team

To apply to Null Signal Games as an Art Associate, please fill out this form.

A note on diversity

Our current team also acknowledges that the tabletop industry as a whole needs to do a better job with diversity. We are prioritizing those applicants that can bring to NSG different experiences and points of view than what we currently have on our team.

All positions within NSG are non-paid volunteer positions. NSG is a non-profit, and everything we make from the game goes toward bettering the game!