Hello, New Runners!

It’s an eventful week for us at Null Signal!

First, over at Shut Up & Sit Down, the inimitable Tom Brewster just released a video review of our efforts. We’ve been excited about Tom’s experience with Netrunner ever since he and Quinns stopped by our booth at PAX Unplugged last year, so we’re thrilled to see his focus turned on our labor of love. If you haven’t seen the video yet, be sure to check it out:

Speaking of conventions, this weekend, Null Signal will be at UK Games Expo! If you’d like to learn to play with a demo game, participate in a tournament, or snag yourself some cards or other goodies, find us at booth 2-907!

With all this happening, we expect we’ll be seeing a lot of new runners here at NISEI.net this week. If that’s you, hi! Thanks for checking us out! We wrote this post to help you get oriented.

We’re a fan-run volunteer games collective dedicated to keeping Netrunner alive and thriving. We love this game and refused to let it die.

Right now, our products are available in three-ish methods: (1) print-and play, (2) print-on-demand, or (3) purchasing from one of our authorized resellers.

Head to our Products page to see a list of what we sell. We recommend starting with System Gateway, our introductory set. It’s a good starting point for new players and a great way to jump back into the game if you’ve been away for a while.

Each product page will have links to purchase locations and print-and-play downloads.

That entirely depends on your interest and your previous experience! However, we’ll sketch out a rough purchase order:

We recommend everyone start with System Gateway. Whether you’re a new or returning player, System Gateway is designed as an introduction to the game under our watch.

System Update 2021 contains reprints of classic cards, using Null Signal art, templates, and modern rules terminology. It’s a great second purchase after System Gateway. If you have an old collection, you may already have earlier printings of some or all of these cards.

The Ashes Cycle (Downfall and Uprising) was our first published cycle. It’s got a mix of new and nostalgic designs. If you only plan on playing the Startup format, you may wish to skip this, as it will no longer be part of the Startup cardpool in a few months. [Editor’s note, July 2022: Scratch that! It’ll be sticking around for another 6 months or so. Check out this article for more details.] It’s great if you want to play Standard, though—or, of course, for casual kitchen-table play!

The Midnight Sun Booster Pack is a special, limited-time promotional set featuring seven full-art preview cards from our next set, Midnight Sun. The cards will be available in the normal frame treatment when Midnight Sun comes out, but this is your only chance to get them in the special full-art form.

Finally, although it’s not available yet, we’ll be publishing our next set, Midnight Sun, Soon™. Our current estimate is in July 2022. We’re very excited about this one and will be sharing more about it in the coming weeks!

The Netrunner community is vibrant and active. They’re a huge part of what makes this game great. Check out Near-Earth Hub, a community resource site, for links to various online community hubs. Whether you prefer Reddit, Discord, Facebook, or somewhere else, you’ll find a space where you can ask questions, talk about the game, or find people to play with.

You can also check out our Around the World page for a directory of local playgroups.

Heck yes, you can play online. Check out Jinteki.net to run the nets on the net.

You’ve chosen a great time to check us out! Our next set, Midnight Sun, is on track for release in July, and previews will begin very soon. Keep your eyes on NISEI.net for more information!

If you haven’t gotten enough of these little expandy-question blocks, we have a much more extensive Frequently Asked Questions page. Individual product pages also have FAQ sections near the bottom for product-specific questions.

Whether you found us from Shut Up & Sit Down, UK Games Expo, or are just passing through this week, we’re happy you’re checking us out. We’re looking forward to sharing the best game ever with you.


  • Spencer Dub

    Spencer hangs out on Null Signal's Narrative and Visual teams. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife, cat, and daughter, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game so far.