Community Roundup 2 June 2022

It’s an eventful week for Netrunner and NISEI, and it’s not even over yet! Here’s a quick roundup of all the exciting things that have occurred or have yet to happen, for anyone who may have missed out on any of them.

  • If you’re at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, UK this weekend, visit NISEI at booth 2-907! You can get demo games, talk to real live NISEI members staffing the booth, and purchase cards, playmats, stickers, Burger Tokens, and other goodies, as well as be among the first to see an exclusive spoiler for a Midnight Sun card! Additionally, we will be running a Circuit Opener tournament on Saturday (in Standard format), and a casual drop-in/drop-out Startup event on Sunday with some cool prizes to be won!
  • If you’ve somehow missed it, go watch Tom Brewster of board gaming behemoths Shut Up & Sit Down gush about his newly-discovered love of Netrunner in this half-hour video detailing his journey down the rabbit hole and his impressions of NISEI’s work! If you still want more SUSD after that, check out some of Quinns’s past seminal Netrunner essays.
  • If you’ve stumbled across this article after finding out about NISEI through either SUSD or UKGE, hello and make sure you check out the quick welcome message pinned to our front page! If you’re an old hand, remember to be your usual excellent selves to the new people!
  • Speaking of new people, here’s some more handy resources that might be useful! Ötch has thoughtfully reposted their convenient two-part Netrunner tutorial using System Gateway for anyone who prefers to learn the game through video. And for anyone who doesn’t feel confident to build their own decks, DadRadish has reposted a brief guide on how to find published decks to play with instead!
  • We’ve had a small number of Circuit Opener tournaments take place already, but props go to hnautsch for holding the first CO of the season to be streamed live via Twitch! Watch the recording here, and keep checking AlwaysBeRunning for upcoming Circuit Openers near you!
  • If there are no Circuit Openers near you, consider playing in an online tournament! If Australian time zones are convenient for you, Vale will be organizing a Standard GNK on 25 June, and, if that’s the wrong time zone for you, consider this asynchronous Startup format Circuit Opener taking place over 4 weeks starting this Monday!
  • Watch YsengrinSC try to put together a stream for people who just discovered the game, only to accidentally find himself making up a brand new format in which most of the cards are completely inaccessible to new people! Feel free to let him know if you agree with me that the format should be called “Oops, all cores!
  • Chill tunes and fast decks on display on SimplyTheOnion’s stream this week!
  • Sokka234 is doing his preparation for US Nationals live on stream, letting us observe a top tier player practicing for a competitive tournament!
  • Here’s a little gift from Lostgeek to all aspiring streamers: a handy card overlay tool that can summon any card you type over your stream!
  • STOP THE PRESSES! The Shadow Net thought they could escape NISEI’s Big Red Eye by releasing a podcast episode after the publication of this roundup, but they thought wrong! I haven’t even listened to it yet, but I assume that Content Warning: [waves hands expansively] applies.

That’s all we’ve got for you in this installment! Remember to contact us through NISEI’s social media accounts if you have anything you’d like included in a future Community Roundup!