Midnight Sun Booster Pack

Expand your plans with seven full-art preview cards from Midnight Sun!

Midnight Sun Booster Pack Box Art

The Midnight Sun Booster Pack was a small interstitial release featuring seven cards, one from each faction, chosen from Null Signal’s next major Netrunner release, Midnight Sun. These seven cards were chosen to add variety into the Standard and Startup formats, as well as serve as a teaser of mechanical and creative themes to come in the full set. Each card in the Midnight Sun Booster Pack was printed in a deluxe full-art frame to show off the illustration.

The Midnight Sun Booster Pack is longer available for sale. Standard-frame versions of the cards are available in the full Midnight Sun set.

Fast Facts

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  • Release date: March 4, 2022
  • Size: 3 copies each of 7 cards
  • Total cards: 21 cards
  • Set symbol: Globe with ripple effect
  • NetrunnerDB set abbreviation: msbp

Get the Midnight Sun Booster Pack

This special full-art booster pack was available for a limited time. It is no longer for sale.

Pay what you’d like and print on your own printer! This file contains full-color art of card faces, with no bleed or card backs. Cut them out with scissors and put them in sleeves!

After downloading the files, if you’d like to say thanks, you can donate to Null Signal Games either via PayPal or our Patreon.

Rotation and Legality

Upon release, the cards in the Midnight Sun Booster Pack immediately became legal in Casual-level events in both the Startup and Standard formats. They became legal at Competitive-level events on March 18, 2022.

The release of the Midnight Sun Booster Pack did not trigger any rotations for Standard or Startup. No sets were cycled out of the cardpool when this set was released.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Midnight Sun Booster Pack

All of the cards in the Midnight Sun Booster Pack are found in the full Midnight Sun set. However, in this pack, they were printed with deluxe full-art frames, whereas in Midnight Sun, they are printed in the standard Null Signal Netrunner frames, as this mockup shows:

Left: Full-art card from the Midnight Sun Booster Pack. Right: Standard-frame card from Midnight Sun. This image is for illustration only and details are not necessarily final.

No. Like all our Netrunner releases, the contents of this pack are fixed and unchanging.