2023 Organized Play Season Feedback

Hello everyone!

The OP season is winding down for the year, so it’s time for us to reflect and take feedback on how we’ve done over the last year. We’ve got two surveys for you. The first one, the Worlds 2023 survey, has already been live on our site for a week or so, but we’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

Additionally we’d like to hear your feedback on the season as a whole with this ‘23 Season Feedback. These are really helpful for us to target changes for the upcoming season. One thing in particular we’re hoping to get feedback on is what changes in the structure of the year people want to see. As we recently announced, Continentals are being moved to earlier in the year. We’ll be interested to see how that goes and what other changes/resources people want to try and make the Organized Play Circuit as expansive as we can sustainably maintain. We’re hoping to spend 2024 doing serious evaluation of the right season structure for our game and its diverse playerbase, and this survey is a great way to help.

Another way you can help is joining the Netrunner Tournament Organizers discord, where we have people discussing how to run your first event, what judging should look like, and many other aspects of the organized play season. Inexperienced organizers are especially welcome, and there are many veteran TOs to help you get started there!