EU Card Replacement – 27 December Update

We committed to regular updates on our progress on replacing cards for EU customers, and on reopening the EU store with product using better quality card stock. This is the fourth of those updates.

Logistics and Distribution

Our Logistics preparations are complete and we’re now patiently awaiting our full stock.

The EU store will not fully open until all outstanding shipments of replacement sets have been shipped. We’ll communicate when this date will be in a future update. As detailed in our first update, anyone who ordered any set through the EU store will be sent replacements free of charge unless they opted out by 20 November. If your address has changed since you placed your original order, please contact us as soon as possible!


The main English language order had an updated ETA of 22 December for arrival. However we’ve received notice that it has already been received by Customs and is currently being processed, so we’ve ended up being a few days ahead. We may still run into some delays, but we’ll quickly deal with anything unexpected as it arises.

Midnight Sun also arrived separately last week so we now have the full Borealis Cycle available. Given its arrival and the earlier-than-expected landing of the main order, we’ve paused sending out just the Parhelion sets as previously communicated. This will allow us to be much more efficient in the long run and we appreciate your patience with us.

Product Status

The French and German translations for System Update 2021 and The Automata Initiative are approved internally and by MPC. The order for our EU supply for all non-English language editions has been placed. Once we have an ETA we’ll share it in a future update!

Prior Updates


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