EU Card Replacement – 13 January Update 

We committed to regular updates on our progress on replacing cards for EU customers, and on reopening the EU store with product using better quality card stock. This is the fifth of those updates.

Logistics and Distribution

Our English language stock has been released from customs and has arrived! It is currently being prepared for shipping. We’ll be working as quickly as possible with English language only orders being prepared over the coming week and shipped during the week of January 29, 2024.

Shipping notices and tracking numbers will be sent from the shipping company to the email address provided on the original order. 

Orders for replacement cards placed before the fulfillment hold in November may have the tracking information added to the original order. If not, the tracking information will be on the shipping notification. If your order was not previously completed, the order will update over the next few weeks and will complete once shipping is confirmed.

If your order contains non-English cards, these will remain on hold for a short while longer. Our remaining stock is expected to arrive in the first week of February, pending import-related delays. This includes French and German copies of System Update 2021. Developments will be communicated in future updates.

The EU store will not fully open until all outstanding replacement sets have been shipped. Developments on the re-opening will be communicated in future updates as well.


As the English language shipment has arrived, all orders are anticipated to be shipped to runners by January 30 and arrive by February 9. The non-English stock has an ETA of the first week of February, though some variance is anticipated as the stock moves through customs. Again, tracking information will be sent directly by the shipper for all orders.

With Our Apologies

This process has been a journey for everyone involved. NSG deeply appreciates the incredible patience players have demonstrated while we refactored our EU operations. As a token of thanks, each order will include a full art card. We hope you’ll find its flavor text appropriate.

Support or Questions

Please contact us directly if any issues are encountered during shipping or after you’ve received your cards. We will attempt to respond within 48 hours, but response times may vary if large volumes of inquiries are received.

Prior Updates


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    Dave is on the Distribution team (Canada) for NSG and also answers your support emails. He’s been playing Netrunner since 2023 and favours Criminal and HB. He generally suffers from having too many hobbies.