Eternal Deck Lists

With Crown of Servers at the 2023 Netrunner World Championships using the B-COM Extravaganza format, in which each member of the teams of three has to bring decks in one of each of our three main formats, there’s been a small scramble from people to familiarize themselves with the least-played of these formats: Eternal.

To that end, we’re holding two online Eternal tournaments, one tomorrow, Saturday 26 August at 9am UTC, and another on Sunday 10 September at 5pm UTC. We’re hoping people will use these to get acquainted with the format in preparation for taking on the reins of their team’s wildest and most powerful Corp and Runner at Crown of Servers!

But with some people being unfamiliar both with the card pool and the Points List system of the Eternal format, we decided to give them a little extra help. To that end, Eternal Balance Team resident combolord Pádraig “anarchomushroom” O’Rúis has compiled a list of tried-and-proven Eternal deck lists, all updated for The Automata Initiative card pool, along with detailed notes on how to pilot them. These have been published on NetrunnerDB, but you can find them all listed below for your convenience! Click through on each one to get to the full deck list and detailed write-up.

With no further ado, over to Pádraig!

We hope everyone has fun tomorrow and in the next Eternal tournament! Huge thanks to Pádraig for the detailed write-ups, as well as to Ysengrin, Krasty, and Analyzechris for coming up with a lot of the original versions of these lists!