DriveThruCards Production Halted

UPDATE: As of April 20, 2020, we have been informed that DriveThruCards has resumed production, and NISEI products can be ordered from their site again. However, orders may take longer to fulfill due to the ongoing pandemic. Please see our product pages for order links.

We are preserving the post below for posterity.

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to affect daily life around the globe. We’re heartened by the way the Netrunner community has responded, such as by holding tournaments online, raising funds for struggling members of the community, or even just checking in on one another to provide support. In this uncertain time more than ever, we appreciate your resiliency.

Unfortunately, certain businesses have been significantly interrupted by COVID-19, including one of our print-on-demand partners, DriveThruCards. As you may have noticed, the company’s website currently states:

“The facility that prints our cards, posters, and GM Screen inserts has been affected by a municipal order that all non-essential businesses must close for the next 30 days, possibly longer. We are not accepting printed card orders at this time, and we have temporarily removed from site all printed card titles.”

NISEI cards are temporarily unavailable through DriveThruCards, and will likely remain unavailable until late April 2020 at the earliest.

We understand and appreciate the difficult business decision DriveThruCards had to make during this global emergency. NISEI remains committed to making our cards available to the community, and may explore other production options in the future for the areas best served by DriveThruCards if that proves necessary. In the meantime, we invite you to consider ordering from our other production partners while DriveThruCards is temporarily suspended. NISEI products are also always available as free print-and-play files, and online play is available at

We will inform the community as we learn more and availability changes. Follow NISEI here on and on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

Thank you for understanding, playing the game, and making this community so great.


  • Vesper

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