Comprehensive Rules 24.03 Out Now

Hello! Rubenpieters here, with news from the Rules team. The update to the Comprehensive Rules – v24.03 – which accompanies the release of Rebellion Without Rehearsal, is now available. There are no major rules changes in this update, mostly further clarifications regarding new cards and effects in this release.

The new rules can be found in their usual spot in the Comprehensive Rules hub. You can find an overview of the changes in the Summary of Changes section.

I also have some other exciting news to share. The Comprehensive Rules can now also be found on a dedicated page at rules.nullsignal.games! This page contains the latest Comprehensive Rules and allows you to share links which show a preview of the linked rule in social media applications such as Discord or Slack. Additional thanks goes to lostgeek and plural for help with setting up the site.

The aim of providing this website is to make sharing and discussing rules easier. It also provides more flexibility compared to a pdf format in incorporating feedback from you, as player or tournament organizer, in how we can evolve this resource to suit your needs. We are always interested in hearing your feedback at rules@nullsignal.games to guide the development of the site. If you still prefer the rules formatted in pdf, do not worry, we will continue to release the pdf version with each update as usual.

Note that we are still in the process of adding rulings for the cards in Rebellion Without Rehearsal to on NetrunnerDB. We expect these to be available within the coming month.


  • rubenpieters

    Rubenpieters is part of the NSG rules team. He is an avid enjoyer of Deep Dive decks, especially playing multiples in 1 turn.