Community Roundup 17 Aug 2022

Greetings, runners and sysops, and welcome to your regularly irregular roundup of happenings in the Netrunner community! We hope you’re enjoying your time in the land of the Midnight Sun. There’s a lot of exciting things going on in the community at the moment, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

  • Firstly, we want to once again highlight an admirable community initiative. Run Together is a fundraiser intended to help three players overcome financial barriers and attend Worlds this October. Donating is simple: buy this pack of lovely alt-art cards, and you’ll be putting around $15 towards the fund (depending on the print-on-demand service you use). If you’re in the UK/Europe you can even get them on To see the cool alternate arts included, buy the pack, donate, or apply for assistance from the project, visit its site! Kudos to DanB for running the project!
Run Together alternate art collection
  • If you’re still undecided about whether you should attend Worlds yourself, we recommend reading this open letter, penned by community legend Gregory ‘CritHitd20’ Tongue. Greg succinctly explains why you (yes, you!) should attend Worlds through his own remarkable story. Share it with your friends to get them to go with you! See here for full details of the event.
  • Following on from his Daily Casts during spoiler season, YsengrinSC (a.k.a. Jeff) has been busy churning out excellent content! Watch some big name players start to explore the new Standard meta in his recording of the Delaware online Circuit Opener, hear big name takes on the cards leaving Standard in the recent rotation feat. Whiteblade111, RotomAppliance & groenkaaf, and see Jeff’s fine features on camera for the first time as he and Andrej of the Métropole Grid rank the runner and corp cards of Midnight Sun. On top of all that, he’s still streaming regularly on Wednesdays—what a champ!
  • Speaking of the Métropole Grid, Andrej has recently started a new weekly series of prerecorded videos focusing on individual decks. The first three episodes feature ‘Gunboat’ Ob, NAPD Cordon Pravdivost (both in Standard) and Deep Dive Sable (in Startup).
  • Moving from vids to pods, The Process returned recently with a characteristically insightful look at the shape of competitive Standard after the release of Midnight Sun.
  • TheShadowNet are back at their mics too, with an episode of ‘Classic Shadow Net Content’—read into that what you will. In a fit of public service broadcasting, they’ve also produced a special mathematical feature on Counting with Ob, co-starring Sanjay a.k.a. MrCowbird and complete with a very cool spreadsheet to help you math out those Superheavy Logistics.
  • If you or someone you know are looking to grow your collection, perhaps to get into Standard and put some of the knowledge you’ve gathered from all this great content to use, this purchasing guide by redditor chaosof99 should prove very useful!
  • As that guide notes, it just got a lot easier to make the jump to Standard, as Project Kitara is now available for purchase! Spanish speakers should check out David Prieto’s excellent explainer of the project; in short, it’s a community rerelease of the Kitara Cycle, at cost price, with all-new art. If you’ve struggled to find FFG printings of Kitara, you’re not alone—but now you can fill the gaps in your collection or get the whole cycle from print-on-demand sites. You can check out the delightful art, or find links to buy the products in the relevant channels on Green Level Clearance.
  • Following on from the successful completion of Project Kitara, Project Red Sands is now spinning up in the Green Level Clearance Discord server. The intention is to produce a similar alternate art version of the Red Sands Cycle, hopefully  by the end of the year! If you’re interested in contributing art or helping in some other way, check out #project-red-sand in GLC.
  • If you don’t fancy buying more cards right now, you might instead be interested in this excellent guide to making proxies from Dice vs Cards.
  • Amongst the excitement of scoops season, you may have missed one very exciting release: the fourth instalment of Tripp Mirror’s Netrunner-inspired musical project Always Be Running, titled Selections from Midnight Sun. The album features ten new tracks of sumptuous synthwave based on cards from the new set—get your ears round it here.
  • With Continentals now upon us and the World Championships less than two months away, Sanjay conducted an interview with members of the Organized Play team to get the lowdown on what their work entails and what’s in the future for Netrunner tournaments!
  • Over on his own channel, Sanjay has a video about DeeR’s Only Connect Netrunner quiz!
  • If you’re not as excited by current Standard as you are by pulling sick skateboard tricks using rotated cards, the Eternal Balance Team are reopening playtesting for a new revision of the format! Find out how to join them here!
  • Dropping right before the excitement of spoiler season began, this excellent guide to playing as and against Jinteki shell game by Tehepicwin didn’t get the recognition it deserves. However, with Jinteki receiving even more sly and dangerous tricks to play with in Midnight Sun, Tehepicwin’s advice is more relevant than ever!
  • Lastly, we’d like to highlight a small assortment of fine streamers who deserve your views. Sokka234’s Friday stream will be going on hiatus for (positive!) life reasons in the near future, so get your dose of his expert play and commentary while you can. Slio9, simplytheonion, just_rob1 and KrysNB have also all started or returned to the Netrunner streaming game recently—all worth checking out!

Phew! Plenty to be getting on with then. If after all that you’re still looking for more Netrunner content (I know I certainly can’t get enough), then don’t forget to tune into for coverage of the Continental Championships over the next three weekends!


  • Rowan "CobraBubbles" Gavin

    Rowan (he/him) is Lead Editor for Null Signal Games, and has been a Netrunner enthusiast since the Lunar Cycle. He rose to infamy at Worlds 2023 as part of the duo that 'broke' Eternal, and he definitely hasn't let that go to his head.