Midnight Sun Eternal Testing Recruitment

Hey everyone!

We hope you’re all enjoying playing with Midnight Sun and exploring the fun and exciting combos that have been injected into the Standard and Startup card pools. Last year, Balance Team lead Lostgeek launched a new version of the Eternal format balanced using a points-based system and a new ban list. Since then, Eternal has really taken off as a format and it’s become very popular among those of who love a more high-powered Netrunner environment.

With the launch of a new set, the Eternal Balance Team, now featuring myself and Percomis, are opening up testing for a new version of the points list that we plan to have ready in time for Worlds this October. If you’re interested in testing for Eternal and finding the most broken combos with MAD, Drago, and Deep Dive, then join the Eternal playtesting server and start playing some games!

We’ll keep everyone updated as we test more and when we have a points list update for you all, but until then, join us in the server to talk Netrunner’s Most Busted Format!