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This article is about ticketing and logistics; the prizes on offer for all events are listed in another article.

The time has come. Ticketing and the event schedule for the 2022 World Championship are upon us. You’ll find a bevy of links below including hotel booking, event tickets, and a link to travel requirements— please make sure to thoroughly read that last one as we do not want people to miss out because Canadian authorities block them from entering the country.

So, let’s just jump into it.


We have booked a block of rooms at the Sheraton Centre Hotel located at 123 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9 from the 6th to the 10th. This is four nights including the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th with checkout being on the morning of the 10th. Rooms have a group rate of $195 CAD per night for 1-2 occupants, with a +$30 CAD per night surcharge for each additional occupant.

There are 100 rooms blocked for each night except the 9th, which is a block of 75. We’re on the hook for each of the rooms not booked if we fall under 85% of the total block, so we recommend folks stay at the hotel. It is heavily connected to not only the event room, but local public transport!

Book as soon as possible using the link below. You also may call 888-627-7175 to book by phone, but make sure to mention “NISEI World Championship” to get the group rate and be counted for our block. You must book by September 8th for the group rate.

Call the hotel at the number listed above to see if you still can get a reduced rate, but as of September 8th the booking for group rates has ended and the link below is closed.


There will be three separate events for the 2022 World Championship: Crown of Servers, Standard, and Startup. You may purchase a separate event pass for each at $30 USD, or an All Events Pass for $75 USD. You do not need to buy individual tickets if you opt for the All Events Pass.

Ticketing for All Events Pass will end October 6th at 11:59PM. Ticketing for each individual event will end when an event is sold out or 11:59PM the day before each event. This is to allow anyone who does not purchase an All Events Pass to decide on-site if they’d like to join ad-hoc.

Day 1 – October 7th – Crown of Servers

Registration for this event begins at 8:30AM in the Osgoode Ballroom of the Sheraton Centre Hotel, and ends at 10:00AM. It will be in Standard format, no deck lists required, and will consist of 5-6 rounds of Swiss with no Cut. There will be a tiebreaker if the top teams end on matched points.

This will be a 3-person team tournament in the style of grand ol’ King of Servers. Submit your team’s info via this Google Form. There is a cap of 100 teams for the event. You can find out how many teams are registered by checking the Team Roster. Everyone on your team must have their own All Events Pass or Crown of Servers Ticket to participate.

Additional information will be found on our Always Be Running page for this event.

Day 2 – October 8th – Standard Main Event

Registration for this event begins at 9:00AM in the Osgoode Ballroom of the Sheraton Centre Hotel, and ends at 10:00AM. It is obviously Standard format, with decklists required, and will consist of 5-7 rounds of Swiss based on attendance. Tiebreakers will be held for those on matched points before the Cut. These tiebreaker rounds may take place on Day 3 if there a large number of Swiss rounds.

Additional information will be found on our Always Be Running page for this event.

Day 3 – October 9th – Startup & Standard Cut

Registration for the Startup event begins at 8:30AM in the Osgoode Ballroom of the Sheraton Centre Hotel, and ends at 9:30AM. It is Startup format, with decklists required, and will consist of 4-6 rounds of Swiss based on attendance. We may reduce the number of Swiss rounds, not hold tiebreakers, or reduce the size of the Cut if this event looks like it will go long.

Registration for the Standard Tiebreakers and/or Cut will begin at 9:00AM, also in the Osgoode Ballroom of the Sheraton Centre Hotel, and will end at 10:00AM. Even if not participating in the tiebreakers, we do expect each person who would otherwise be locked in for the Cut to check in. They may leave the ballroom after, but it is their responsibility to be present for the next round after tiebreakers complete.

Additional information will be found on our Always Be Running pages for both these events.

All Days – Gunslinging

This is an all days side event open to anyone with an event pass of any type. The concept is simple: Challenge a participating judge to a game of Netrunner and get additional prizes if you win.

We will have the staff who want to participate in this clearly marked and you will hopefully have plenty of opportunity to challenge many of them, but they need breaks and recovery time. Please respect any judge that refuses a challenge for any reason and try to find an alternative challenger if you can.

Travel Requirements

As of the writing of this article, Canada is requiring that all travelers coming to the country have proof of vaccination status, passport documentation, and have completed all the steps in their ArriveCAN software either on a PC or mobile device. You may also have to submit to COVID testing upon entry.

This is very important, so it must be stated here in bold: You must submit your documentation through ArriveCAN a maximum of 72-hours before arrival, but before you arrive. Failure to do so could result in a $5000 fine and you being barred entry to the country.

Please visit the Canadian Government’s website for any additional information on the requirements and to set up your ArriveCAN account on PC. Even if you plan on using the mobile app instead, please visit and read this website to make sure you’re not missing any necessary information!


Though we stated in our in-person announcement article the proposed measures we plan to implement against COVID-19, they are important enough to repeat again. The measures will be as follows:

  • We will be asking attendees to present their country’s form of vaccination proof to our staff upon picking up their event badge. Vaccination will be required to receive your badge.
  • We will be providing all attendees three (3) KF94 masks, which we expect them to wear at all times within the event hall and encourage in other areas of the hotel.
  • We will have COVID test kits on-site so that people may test themselves over the course of the weekend and isolate if necessary.
  • We will provide refunds for the ticket price up to 1 month before the event. We unfortunately can’t help you on hotel or airfare.
  • We will provide refunds for the ticket price to anyone who must isolate on-site. Again, we can’t help on hotel or airfare.

And although we still do not have the ‘official’ addendum to the Organized Play Policies written up, the consequences of failing to follow our guidelines will be as follows:

  • Attendees will be expected to wear KF94 (or better) masks over their nose and mouth to enter and exit the event space.
  • Attendees will be expected to keep their masks over their nose and mouth for the entire time they are within the event space.
  • Any attendee who removes their mask, or does not wear it correctly, will first be issued a warning and coached on proper mask wearing.
  • Any attendee who commits a further violation of the masking policy will be warned again and then suffer a match loss their next round.
  • Any attendee violating the masking policy a third time will suffer consequences at the judges’ discretion, up to and including being dropped from the tournament and removed from the venue. We will not issue a refund upon removal.

These measures and consequences are non-negotiable, and attendees must be able to meet all requirements to enter the event hall and/or participate in the tournaments. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to any of these policies as this is a safety issue for all attendees, and we truly and deeply apologize to anyone who will be unable to attend due to our requirements.

Grab your tickets, sign up for your events, and we’ll see you in Toronto in October!


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    Null Signal Games' Organized Play Manager. Orbital Tangent is also a co-host of the Slumscast (Netrunner's OK-est podcast) and runs a yearly Minnesota tournament called Off The Grid (OTG).