Announcing the 2022 Eternal Tournament and the Return of RAM

Hello Netrunners!

We hope you all enjoyed Worlds and are loving the Netrunner buzz that followed from the biggest event of the year! While we wait for a new competitive season and the release of Parhelion to roll around, we have some fun announcements for organized play for the rest of the year!

RAM’s Return

Following on from last year’s hugely popular series of Random Access Memories events, we’ll be running another RAM event the weekend of November 12th! For those that haven’t played, a random selection of packs from Netrunner’s history are picked, and players have two hours to construct their decks using only cards from those packs. The result is a pretty fun and wacky format where we get to relive some of Netrunner’s classic cards. More information will be released in the coming weeks!

Speaking of classic Netrunner cards…

NSG Online Eternal Tournament

After the success of last year’s event, the Eternal Balance Team and OP are running another Eternal tournament online this year, on November 19th! If you missed out on playing Eternal at Worlds, then take part in our Eternal event for 2022 and relive the thrills of Account Siphon and Breaking News, while also seeing what Ob Superheavy Logistics and MAD have brought to Netrunner’s most powerful format. We’ll be giving away the Account Siphon and Estelle Moon promos from this year’s Worlds eternal events to those that take part so come along and have some high powered fun in the off-season!

Both of these events are also up on Always Be Running at the links below:

Return of the RAM

NSG Annual Eternal Tournament

We hope you’re looking forward to both of these events while you wait for new cards and new OP events. We plan to also have an update on the Circuit Breaker Invitational in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!