Uprising Release Notes

Hello Netrunners! The Rules Team is happy to announce that the long-awaited release notes for Uprising are now available. You can view and download them by clicking this button:

We would like to thank the community for their patience as we worked through all the ins and outs of this major rules update. Like with the release notes for Downfall, this document contains not just the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for cards printed in Uprising but also some pronunciation guides, a rundown of all the major systems changes to the Comprehensive Rules (CR), errata, and other useful information. We originally planned to prepare the release notes in time for Uprising’s release, like we did with Downfall, but were ultimately delayed by the throes of Real Life (as is wont to happen with volunteer projects). For future sets, we are tightening up the team’s processes to make this goal more attainable!

To quickly get up to speed on the major changes, you’ll want to look at the top and bottom of the document. Near the top is the “Basics” section, which covers in short and simple terms the practical gameplay changes resulting from the CR 1.4 update. At the bottom is the Uprising FAQ for the newly released cards. The middle of the document is readable at your leisure; it contains more detailed explanations for the CR changes. We encourage folks to read them, but these details are not immediately necessary for knowing how to play Netrunner.

As always, if you have any rules questions or would like to offer us some feedback on these release notes, reach out to us via email or Twitter and we will be glad to help!

Always be running.


  • Olive Wesley

    One of the co-founders of NISEI, Olive acted as Rules Manager and Associate Designer until September 2021. She is a game designer from Seattle, Washington.