Announcing the 2020 World Championship (Book your rooms now!)

You read that right! 2019 Worlds was just a few months ago, and we’re already preparing for our (and your) second annual NISEI World Championship. In fact, you may have already heard tale of when and where next year’s big event will be, as it would appear that someone over at NISEI HQ left the door open, and a rumor-starting kitten got out.

But those were only rumors, so here we are with the facts:

NISEI’s 2020 World Championship will take place at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. That’s right… Canada!

We are very excited about this venue located in the heart of downtown Toronto. And there’s little need to worry about the cold weather for which Canada is so well known, as the hotel connects to the PATH, the largest underground shopping complex in the world, linking it to dozens of buildings in the downtown core. This also means that it’s linked to the express train that goes to and from the airport. You could literally come to Canada in October without even packing a coat, if you were so inclined.

When: October 9-11, 2020. NISEI-reserved hotel rooms available from the evening of October 8 to the morning of October 12.

Where: one of the Sheraton Centre’s massive ballrooms will play host to a team event, various other side events, and the World Championship.

Accommodation: a block of 100 rooms has been reserved for participants at a discounted rate of $199 (CAD)/night (1-2 occupants, +$30 (CAD) per additional occupant) for stay from Thursday evening through to Monday morning. We do urge you to book your stay at the hotel. Not only is it super convenient to be close to the non-stop Worlds party, NISEI will be on the hook to pay for the rooms that don’t get booked.

Please book your rooms online here or call a booking agent toll free at (+1) 888-627-7175 (and mention the NISEI World Championship).


When will I be charged for my reservation?

At the end of your stay. Although the hotel will require a card to book your room, that card will only be charged if you either cancel within 48 hours of your stay or if you don’t show up. When you check in, you will supply the hotel with a credit card (the same or another) which will be pre-authorized for the value of your stay + $100 for possible incidentals. Finally, that pre-authorization will only be charged to your card once you have checked out from the hotel at the end of your stay. 

When will event tickets go on sale?

We do not have a date for ticket sales yet. We don’t want to offer tickets for an event until we can show off the prizes that will be there to support it. These are being worked on now! The price will be the same or cheaper than in 2019.

Why only 100 rooms?

It is very likely that players will decide to share rooms, or even search for other accommodation, to reduce the cost of their Worlds trip. If they begin to fill quickly after being made available, we can look into securing additional rooms. Again, we do urge you to book your stay at the hotel!

Do I need a visa to enter Canada?

If you are travelling from abroad, you can find all relevant information on this site.

I have a bye from Nationals or Continentals. Will it be valid?

Yes, we will honour all byes won at National or Continental events in 2019 and 2020, both from NISEI and FFG.

What if my country’s National Championship ends up taking place after Worlds?

The bye will be valid for any NISEI World Championship, in 2021 or beyond.

I want to help organize the event or help with the live streaming! Who do I contact?

Thank you for offering! We will definitely need help on location with setting up and making sure the event runs smoothly. If you’re interested, please write to us at and we will get back to you with more details.

Who do I send all other questions to?

We will be gathering questions sent to and updating this FAQ (or other resources) as necessary.