System Update 2021: Full Corp Spoiler

Yesterday, we showed you the Runner cards in System Update 2021. Today, we’re finishing off the spoiler—here are all the Corp cards in the set! Click each image to expand it.

As with yesterday’s spoiler, these cards will be added to the System Update 2021 set page on NetrunnerDB in the next few days with their updated images and text.







With that, you’ve seen all of System Update 2021! The full set will go on sale on (or very shortly after) March 28, 2021. You see more about the set, including frequently asked questions, on the System Update 2021 product page.

But the spoilers aren’t over! System Gateway spoilers will continue for the next two weeks. This weekend on, we’ll be sharing details on the player aids and trackers in System Gateway, as well as a schedule of scoops by Netrunner content creators for Community Week! Don’t jack out yet—there’s still plenty to see.


  • Spencer Dub

    Spencer hangs out on Null Signal's Narrative and Visual teams. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife, cat, and daughter, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game so far.