Regarding the Missed Shipping Date for EU Fulfillment

A number of you will have seen our social media update from a few days ago, in which we informed you that our printing partner for EU orders from our online store has missed the estimated date they gave us for shipping out the products.

While, as we said, we were upset that the target date was missed, and that there had been no forewarning by the printer that they would miss the estimate they gave us (not least because some of us are ourselves waiting for our cards), the responsibility is still ultimately ours, and we apologize.

We have since then received a further update from the printer which we are able to share with you:

  • All orders that were placed up to 1 September have been printed. The printer is currently manufacturing boxes and aims to dispatch everything in this coming week.
  • Orders placed between 2-7 September are currently being printed and will be dispatched the week after, and so on in weekly batches.

As previously stated, anyone concerned about a missed delivery, or about not receiving their cards in time for Worlds, can cancel their order for a full refund by contacting our support team. Do not be concerned if if you do not receive a confirmation that your order is cancelled immediately: we are working through a backlog, and we will honour the full refund even if we do not process your request before your order is shipped (in which case you will end up with an extra copy)!

There will be stock of all our sets at Worlds. Anyone who cancelled their order can buy one there at a discounted price. If your order did not turn up in time for you to receive it before travelling to Worlds, we will simply replace it there. We will prioritize people who are attending, so they can use their cards at the tournament, but we expect there to be plenty of stock, so you can also buy extras for your friends at home.

Rest assured that we will be re-evaluating our arrangements for EU fulfillment, in order to ensure that we are not subjected to such delays again in the future.