Parhelion Pronunciation Guide is Live!

Parhelion, set in the Arctic, contains names and words from a variety of languages, including Nenets, Inuktitut, Greenlandic, Yakut, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Russian. Our Narrative team has finished their pronunciation guide for the set, helping players refer to the cards they’re playing with confidence and ease.

This guide can also be found from the “Related Information” section at the bottom of the Parhelion product page.

Now that Parhelion‘s is complete, our team will be reviewing the guide for Midnight Sun. When it is complete, it will be added to that set’s product page just as Parhelion‘s has been.

The Parhelion Pronunciation Guide was prepared with many thanks to Svetlana Tchistiakova, Ryan Gibson, Iain Fairclough and Morgan White. If you believe there are any errors, please email