NSG at PAX Australia 2023

Join us at the MCEC in Melbourne on 6-8 October for PAX Australia! Our volunteers will be staffing booth TT406, where they will be teaching Netrunner to all comers. Join us for a demo game, for a chat, or, if you visited our booth there last year, just to reminisce! 

Reece and Luke staffing last year's PAX Australia booth
Reece and Luke from last year’s friendly booth crew

We will also be bringing along the full range of Null Signal Games sets for sale at the booth. This is your opportunity to rig up on and fulfill all your Netrunner needs!

There will be casual games and promo giveaways happening all weekend, both at our booth and at the tabletop freeplay area, so even if you’re an experienced player, drop by and find someone to play with!

Map denoting the Null Signal Games booth's location on the PAX Aus convention floor
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We will be hosting a learn-to-play meetup on Friday (6 October) 11:00am – 1:00pm at the Ibis Community Room. Interest in this was very strong last year, so turn up early to ensure you find a seat!

In addition, we couldn’t let the weekend go by without hosting a tournament! PAX Aus does not coincide with the World Championship this year, so it won’t be a Remote Server tournament.

Instead, we will be hosting a casual drop-in/drop-out Startup format tournament on Saturday 7 October at 7pm. The entire card pool for the Startup format will be available to purchase at our booth, so even if you’re brand new to the game, join us for some games and win cool prizes!

Future cons

We know there has been a little disappointment from many of you about us missing Essen Spiel this year, but we are gearing up to make next year our biggest in terms of convention presence yet! We are looking for a Convention Coordinator to join us to help our Marketing team make that happen, so, if you think that’s you, check out our recruitment post!