Now Recruiting: Lead Designer

Null Signal Games is looking for a new Lead Designer! As the head of the Netrunner Design team, the Lead Designer should possess both a deeply rooted sense of game design and an ambitious product vision for Netrunner. The Lead Designer manages the Design team, meaning they work with Null Signal Games’ game designers on a daily basis and report and work directly with our VP of Product.. This is a job with high importance and high impact – from day one, you’ll be setting the design direction for the Netrunner products that people around the world play and love.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Manage the Design team, including:
    • Serve as the primary stakeholder for Design in cross-team conversations
    • Mentor designers
    • Act as the final decision-maker on staffing and recruiting for the team
  • Lead product design for new sets by working with the Narrative and Visual leads to create compelling narrative gameplay experiences
  • Lead coordination with the Development and Rules teams after a set is design-complete to ensure that individual designs function as intended
  • Produce designs for cards as necessary to help to build the structure for a set, and to fill in gaps in a set as they arise
  • Act as a leader within Null Signal Games, including driving and participating in discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of business and organizational decisions

Required skills:

  • Proven track record of game design skills
  • Proven track record of ability to make tough decisions
  • Strong management skills, including delegation, mentoring, cross-team communication, and long-term planning
  • Ability to serve as a public face for Null Signal Games, including in articles and interviews

To apply to be the Lead Designer at Null Signal Games, please fill out this form.

All Positions within NSG are non-paid volunteer positions. NSG is a non-profit, and everything we make from the game is reinvested into the game!


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