Netrunner at UKGE 2024

Set your Alarm Clocks, because for the third year running, Netrunner and Null Signal Games will be exhibiting as part of UK Games Expo 2024, at Birmingham’s NEC, from the 31st of May to the 2nd of June.

You can find us at booth 2-694, located towards the back of Hall 2, by the stage, cafe, and cosplay area. This will be our biggest booth yet, so we hope you come on down to our tables!

Find us on Ontabletop Street, opposite the main stage area

We’ll be at the booth all day, each day, where our enthusiastic volunteers will be demonstrating, teaching, and promoting Netrunner with introductory games for anyone who wants to know more about the best card game of all time.

Products & Special Guests

In addition to demoing and teaching, we will also be selling Null Signal Games cards – the entire Liberation Cycle will be available, as well as System Gateway, System Update 2021, and the Borealis Cycle, all on offer at convention-only prices.

We are also bringing Burger Tokens back in stock, so new players can start playing right away.

Like last year, there will be two-player playmats (24”x 28”) available to buy, once again featuring Scott Uminga’s excellent Envelopment art, slightly re-templated from last year.

There will also be single-player mats available to buy, featuring art from the latest set: the stunning Muse mat by Marlon Ruiz, and the ominous Holo Man by Liiga Smilshkalne. Not only that, but we are delighted to announce that Liiga Smilshkalne will be at our booth all weekend, happy to sign mats, cards, art, and answer all your burning art questions!

But Liiga isn’t the only special guest on our stand this year – as some of you might remember from an earlier announcement, we made a Keiko plushie, and it will be available at UKGE!

Meet Keiko, your plushy friend and companion!

Come and Play – Open and Organised Play

There will be casual drop-in/drop-out games of Netrunner happening in Hall 3 throughout the weekend. Look for a Netrunner banner and some of our volunteers standing near it to help organize. If competition is more your thing, Netrunner Organized Play will be at the NEC: on Saturday the June 1, at 11am, there will be a Startup Circuit Opener tournament open to players of all experience, even if you just bought your cards hours before! It’s a great time to jack straight in and get running! Please check back for an AlwaysBeRunning link and a ticket link for the event very soon!

We’re excited to return to UKGE! It’s always one of the highlights of our con calendar, and we look forward to creating lots of new Netrunner fans and saying hello to all the existing ones!


  • MattOhNo

    Matt is a member of the Null Signal Games Visual team. He can typically be found dreaming of massive ice and/or explosions.