Light the Fire!

Ready for your first taste of Midnight Sun?

In the months since we first announced the Midnight Sun Booster Pack, we’ve previewed six of the seven cards, between here on our website and on our various social media feeds. If you missed them, though, here’s what we’ve shown so far.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be fair to release the Booster Pack with one card left a mystery. The last card features a runner who captured the hearts of many when he was introduced—and who’s, fittingly, ready to Light the Fire!

Full-art Light the Fire! from the Midnight Sun Booster Pack.

Light the Fire!

Anarch Resource: Sabotage

Cost: 1 – Influence: 2

click, trash, suffer 1 brain damage: Run a remote server. During that run, cards in the root of the attacked server lose all abilities. When that run is successful, trash all cards in the root of the attacked server.

A single spark is all it takes…

Illustrated by Olie Boldador.

That’s all seven cards in the Midnight Sun Booster Pack, so there’s nothing left to do but get them into your hands.

Get the Midnight Sun Booster Pack

The Midnight Sun Booster Pack is available now from our print-on-demand partners and as a free print-and-play.

It will be available for a limited time: one month after the full Midnight Sun set is released, the Booster Pack will be retired and no longer sold.


If you’d like to purchase the pack as professionally-printed physical cards, you can find it in English at DriveThruCards and MakePlayingCards:

For details on picking a print-on-demand storefront and card quality, check out the NISEI Purchase Guide.

Free Print-and-Play

You can find the print-and-play files below, or on the Midnight Sun Booster Pack product page.

Online and NetrunnerDB have been updated with these cards. For the time being, will not automatically enact the card abilities; you’ll need to play them out manually by adjusting credit totals, trashing cards, and so on.

For Casual-level events, these cards will be immediately added to the Startup and Standard card pools, without triggering a rotation. For Competitive-level events, these cards will become legal on Friday, March 18th, 2022. No cards are leaving Startup or Standard as a result of the Midnight Sun Booster Pack. As previously announced, the next rotation of those formats will occur when the full Midnight Sun set is released.

We hope these cards leave you excited for what’s to come in Midnight Sun. Have fun!

Editor’s note, 2022-05-24: Added note about limited availability.

Editor’s note, 2022-03-24: Updated to reflect that and NetrunnerDB now have the cards, and to add print-on-demand links.


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