Korean Translations Temporarily Unavailable

Several members of the Korean Netrunner community have kindly reached out and informed us that Korean versions of System Gateway and System Update 2021 have noticeably blurred text, especially when compared to cards from the Ashes Cycle. This issue is apparently present in both print-on-demand physical cards and the print-and-play PDF.

We appreciate the feedback and are investigating the source of the issue. In the meantime, we have temporarily removed these two Korean sets from our MakePlayingCards storefront so that no one else unwittingly purchases a substandard product.

We will, of course, update you when the issue is fixed and the cards are available for purchase once more!


  • Spencer Dub

    Spencer hangs out on Null Signal's Narrative and Visual teams. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife, cat, and daughter, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game so far.