December Accelerated Meta Test Online Tournament

Thanks to everyone who played in our November Accelerated Meta Test, and congratulations to our winner, AugustusCaesar! We also would like to congratulate krysdreavus and Spiph, who performed well enough to earn themselves invites to the Circuit Breaker Invitational on January 13-14.

Our next AMT will be on December 17th, at 9:00 am AWST. You can indicate interest on Always be Running, and the event will be run through our Online Event Discord. Registration will open on the day and be managed through Cobra. We anticipate that this event will be approximately 4 rounds of double-sided swiss (~5 hours) with a cut to top 3, but this could change depending on the number of players registered.

This will be our final AMT for this year, and one of the last opportunities to earn a 2024 Circuit Breaker invite! We will be taking January off to focus on the Circuit Breaker, but rest assured we’ll be back in February for more AMTs in the new year.

If you would like to help out with commentary or judging for this event, or future Accelerated Meta Tests, please reach out to us at

What are the Accelerated Meta Tests? Monthly standard format tournaments, run on by Null Signal Organized Play with the help of community members. AMTs are free to enter, and players of all levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. Read more in our original announcement.


  • Kror

    Kror is a member of Null Signal Games' Organised Play team. Whenever he's not running tournaments you can find him piloting villainous decks against players in his local area in Melbourne.