Community Roundup 14 September 2022

After a busy Continentals season, and with Worlds on the horizon, we’re back to catch up with the latest in the Netrunner community!

  • Just missing the cutoff for the previous roundup, The Shadow Net uploaded an interview with Michael Boggs, Netrunner’s lead designer from 2017-2018! Listen here!
  • Sticking with the Shadow Net, in line with the tradition of the last couple of years, they’re working on a “Who Or What Will Win Worlds” episode, soliciting opinions from anyone in the community! Have your say here, or click here to check out last year’s WOWWWW!
  • On the subject of Worlds, if you’re nervous about attending your first big tournament, a couple of new guides have recently been published aiming to get newer players up to speed with the tournament metagame! First off, if Startup’s your battlefield of choice, here’s Rook’s Complete Introduction to Startup. If, on the other hand, you’re an old hand at Startup and looking to make the jump to Standard, Reddit user Penguinfringe has published an incredibly detailed primer to competitive Netrunner!
  • More videos and analysis from Continentals season have been pouring in! Following his replay analysis of his APAC games, Sokka then turned his attention to his Intercontinentals games. Ysengrin has published a review of his EACC run, and Slio9 streamed a detailed discussion of the meta and speculation on the next ban list (not yet copied to their Youtube channel, but presumably will be before it expires).
  • One of my favourite resources, the ANR History of Archetypes, has finally been updated for the NISEI era! Thanks to kata124 for all the work they put in over the years and to chaosof99 for bringing it up to date! Go try out some decks from the early days of the game!
  • Finally, a special shout-out to Andrej of The M├ętropole Grid, possibly the hardest-working streamer in Netrunner, who, fresh from commentating for most of Continentals, has now launched a Patreon for his channel! Watch the announcement here.

That’s all for this installment. Remember to message us with anything you’d like to see included in a future roundup!