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Picture the scene. It’s early 2018. You’ve got Aeneas Informant and Aumakua installed. You access an empty HQ… and then you realize that Aeneas Informant says “whenever you access a card”, while Aumakua says “whenever you access cards”. Suddenly, you’re filled with doubt. Do you get a credit from Aeneas? What about the virus counter on Aumakua? They sound so similar, but you’re not quite sure. Small changes in wording in many card games can signal large differences; is this one of those cases, or is it just an innocuous mistake? Sadly, it’s just not clear. (In this case, it turns out they are different; that’s part of why Aumakua’s official text was later updated to “Whenever you finish breaching a server, …”!)

We’ve all been in situations like this. Templating has not been perfect through the history of Netrunner, and inconsistencies in wording can lead to inconsistencies in gameplay. If you’re in a tournament, you can call a judge to your table to resolve the issue, but if you were banking on a reasonable-but-incorrect interpretation of the cards, you may have inadvertently made a tactical error. And if you’re at your kitchen table with no judge to chime in, you may be left without a clean resolution at all.

This is exactly the sort of situation Rules Editors at NISEI help prevent. As a Rules Editor, you will ensure that Netrunner’s cards, Comprehensive Rules, and other rules-related text are consistent and clear. This is a role that rewards a high level of precision and attention to detail, and which affects the experience of every player who plays the game.

This position does not require being an expert on the rules of Netrunner. Ultimately, we want Netrunner’s rules text to be intuitive and intelligible to new players and players less familiar with the rules. Understanding the mindset of beginning players is crucial, and having the language skills to ensure consistency and clarity is just as crucial.

You’ll have the chance to contribute right away in this role: the Rules team is actively reviewing card text for both new sets and the remasters of old sets such as System Update 2021 and the Ashes Cycle. Those are a perfect place to start making the experience of the game better!

As a Rules Editor, you will work primarily with the Rules team, including the Rules Manager, Rules Associates, and other Rules Editors, in your day-to-day. Projects for this role often come in waves: there may be a trickle for a few weeks and then a few hours of work in another. If you have flexibility in your schedule, it may be an asset, so be sure to mention it when you apply, but it is by no means a requirement of this role.

The application period for this role has closed as of September 23, 2022. If you applied, stay tuned — we received an overwhelming number of applications and it will take us some time to work through them!


  • Review rules text of upcoming cards for clarity and compliance with our style guide
  • Review material for Card Text Updates releases, Comprehensive Rules releases, card Q&A, and other Netrunner-rules-related publications
  • Maintain Rules style guide
  • Discuss rules issues with the team, especially issues regarding style and card wording
  • Other projects based on interest and availability

Required skills:

  • High proficiency with standard English grammar and writing
  • Precise attention to detail
  • Experience with games writing or other types of technical writing a plus
  • Familiarity with Netrunner a plus

This position does NOT require expertise in the minutiae of the Netrunner rules. We’re looking for a “words” person. It’s not the Rules Editor’s responsibility to think about highly technical gameplay issues, and the Rules team can explain gameplay issues that are relevant to editing work as they come up.

NOTE: This is a volunteer (unpaid) position, as are all positions in NISEI.


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