Career Fair: Entry-Level Roles 2021/22

Hi, everyone. This is neuropantser, the new Recruitment Lead at NISEI. Normally, we write these articles with a bit more of an impersonal, professional tone. I want to drop that for a moment, because what I have to say today is very personal, directly between me and you. Consider this a heartfelt conversation.

NISEI needs people.

Creating and physically publishing a card game is not easy. Creating an organized play calendar that meets the needs of a truly global Netrunner community is not easy. The only way any of this can happen is if amazing people from the Netrunner community pitch in their time, talent, grit, and determination.

I firmly believe that you could be one of those people. Yes, you. To make Netrunner, help more people learn about Netrunner, create an organized play scene that’s both rewarding and fun, and ensure that we’re meeting the needs of the entire Netrunner community while doing it – a dizzyingly wide array of skills are needed to pull that off.

And, crucially, we know that not everyone comes into a role with every skill that’s relevant to it. That’s true in the corporate world too, though most job postings won’t say it. Knowledge- and skill-sharing are among NISEI’s core values. You can learn on the job. In fact, we expect everyone to. We may be a volunteer organization, but you should expect to reap tangible benefits: you’ll master new skills, learn new ways to face challenges, and tackle complicated projects that have a genuine impact on thousands of people across the entire world.

So please: consider joining us. I mean it sincerely, from me to you.

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Recruiting has traditionally followed a “big wave” model at NISEI, with a single posting of a whole host of positions. One of my goals is to move away from that model, starting immediately. This article does not contain all the roles that need to be filled; rather, we’re posting a group of roles now, and we’ll be posting another group in the near future. If there’s a specific position you’re looking for and you don’t see it in this article, stay tuned! There will be more soon.

You can consider all the roles that are opening up right now entry-level, to borrow a term from Corp-speak. If you’re interested in NISEI and want to contribute to Netrunner, but you aren’t sure the best way to get involved, or if you have limited time to contribute on a regular basis, I highly recommend taking a look at these positions! All of them are important, and all of them will give you a chance to help NISEI carry out truly vital tasks – from preparing for in-person Worlds 2022, to keeping crucial infrastructure like up and running, to helping ensure that people get their prizes as fast as possible, to helping grow the team at NISEI.

These positions are open effective immediately, so you can start applying now. Please note that NISEI is a volunteer organization — these positions are unpaid.

Organized Play

The Organized Play department has some big challenges coming in 2022, including executing changes to the tournament schedule, developing new prize kits, distributing tournament prizes, and preparing for a return to in-person worlds in 2022. You’ll work closely with the Organized Play Manager in all of these roles, and the work you do will affect Netrunner players across the entire world.

Scheduling & Logistics Coordinator

As the Scheduling & Logistics Coordinator, you will determine the timeline of the Organized Play department’s activities, including deadlines for projects, event kit release dates, and major tournament dates. You’ll also help with logistics by researching prospective venues for in-person NISEI tournaments, and by researching logistical data to help the Prizing Coordinator set realistic ordering/shipping/receiving dates.

Examples of Tasks:

  • Identify prospective venues for physical tournaments
  • Contact venue owners to get quotes and set dates
  • Work with the Visual Team and OP Manager to create signage for physical events
  • Assist the Prize Coordinator by researching estimated production and shipping times
  • Maintain time table tools for OP Department, such as Gantt charts or Kanban boards
  • Follow up with other OP roles to ensure things are on schedule

We are looking for folks who have and/or are looking to hone the following skills/experience:

  • The ability to create or use tools that assist with scheduling, like Gantt and Kanban charts
  • A keen eye for deadlines and a good sense of when and how to escalate stalled projects
  • Experience with event organizing and venue booking, though not necessarily tournaments
  • Active but not controlling management skills, including effective coaching techniques

To apply for Scheduling & Logistics Coordinator, please complete this form.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.

Associate Organizer

As an associate organizer, you will help with projects from various parts of Organized Play. You will carry out basic but essential tasks within the Organized Play department, working with other roles within Organized Play, such as the Prize Coordinator, to help them complete larger projects. You will also serve as an associate judge at online events, handling judge calls and data entry to keep the tournaments running smoothly.

Examples of Tasks:

  • Find vendors for prizes the Prize Coordinator decides to offer for events
  • Get quotes for prizes to help the Prize Coordinator create event budgets
  • Work with the Visual Team to create logos and art that meet the specs of prize suppliers
  • Take judge calls and either adjudicate or gather the necessary information to escalate to senior judges
  • Use and other tools to keep the tournament running properly

We are looking for folks who have and/or are looking to hone the following skills/experience:

  • Research abilities / “google speed”
  • Basic experience with Excel/Google Sheets
  • Basic knowledge of Netrunner Rules
  • This is a learning role — if you aren’t an expert in any or all of these, that’s not a problem, we can help you learn!

To apply for the role of Organized Play Associate Organizer, please complete this form.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.

Prize Distributor (USA, UK, or Canada)

As a Prize Distributor, you will be responsible for making sure people get their prizes. You will take large shipments from the Prize Coordinator and repackage them to distribute to the participants of online tournaments, and you’ll handle tracking progress on prize shipping. In the tournament offseason, you will help the Organized Play department by assisting with tasks assigned by the OP Manager, Scheduling & Logistics Coordinator, or Prize Coordinator. All relevant expenses (including postage, packaging materials, customs duties, and, if necessary, storage) will be reimbursed by NISEI on production of receipts.

We are currently looking for Prize Distributors based in the USA, the UK, and Canada.

Examples of Tasks:

  • Track and receive shipments from the Prize Coordinator
  • Repackage items and ship to individuals
  • Complete small tasks assigned by other team members in off periods

If you want to join our awesome team, we are looking for folks who have and/or are looking to pick up the following skills/experience:

  • Basic knowledge of packing materials and how to solidly pack items of various sizes
  • Knowledge of how to do bulk shipping through FedEx, UPS, or USPS
  • Basic knowledge of tournament structure and event organizing is a plus

To apply for the role of Prize Distributor, please complete the US form if you are in the US, the UK form if you are in the UK, or the Canada form if you are in Canada.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.

Web Development

We talk a lot about servers and programs in the game of Netrunner, so it’s no surprise they’re just as important when it comes to making Netrunner. The web development team maintains crucial technological infrastructure for both the Netrunner community at large and NISEI in particular. The public-facing sites, including,, and, are so ubiquitous they likely need no introduction. Internal-facing tools, such as the playtesting mirror of, serve crucial roles in keeping NISEI running smoothly. The Web Development team have some exciting plans for our public-facing tools and sites, and you could be just the person to help us advance our agendas and score a win for the whole community!

Web Developer

As a member of the web development team, you will help Nisei maintain the web infrastructure that Netrunner players rely on day in and day out, including,, and You’ll also work on enhancing those sites with new functionality to respond to the needs of the Netrunner community.

We are looking for folks who have and/or are willing to learn the following skills/experience:

  • WordPress (for
  • NextCloud (for internal use)
  • Rails, JavaScript/TypeScript, SQL for NRDB and
  • General dev ops / docker / linux server admin help for all our servers.
  • Web Design / CSS / Layout Skills

To apply for the role of Web Developer, please complete this form.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.


The newly-formed Department of People will help NISEI establish and manage its internal processes, with the goal of making the whole organization more efficient. At the moment, the main team that’s established in this department is the Recruiting team, which is responsible for facilitating the process of bringing people into NISEI.

Recruitment Associate

As a Recruitment Associate, you will assist the Recruitment Lead in establishing recruiting processes, sourcing talent for the organization, and handling inbound applications. NISEI can only make Netrunner if there are enough people in NISEI, so this role is crucial. The recruitment team is very new, so there’s a chance to make a huge impact on how this team will function.

Examples of Tasks:

  • Ensure that role postings are up-to-date
  • Collaborate with teams across NISEI to write/update job descriptions for open roles
  • Research automated job board solutions to support a move away from the article paradigm
  • Support the goal of establishing common recruiting practices by talking with team leads across the organization
  • Identify upcoming chances to source new candidates (e.g. large tournaments)

We are looking for folks who have and/or are looking to pick up the following skills/experience:

  • Communication abilities
  • Basic knowledge of recruiting is a plus, but not necessary
  • Experience with project management is a plus, but not necessary

To apply for the role of Recruitment Associate, please complete this form.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.


The Department of Product is responsible for making new Netrunner products. Currently, there are two roles open, and both of them are essential to making Netrunner products and making them accessible to people across the world.


We’re looking for translators to help ensure new and existing Netrunner products are playable by as many people as possible. At the moment, we are especially looking for translators who speak Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Polish, and any languages not currently available to purchase. If you speak multiple languages and are able to volunteer some time for this, we would love to hear from you via this form.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.


Playtesters provide feedback and data both in quantitative form through game report forms as well as qualitative through discussions on forum and Discord. Playtesters should ideally bring the following:

  • Enthusiasm for Netrunner 
  • Ability to provide systematic feedback
  • Frustration tolerance. While all feedback is received, not all feedback will be acted on.
  • Ban List testers do not need to be highly competitive, but knowledge of the tournament meta is very helpful

If you’d like to become a set playtester, complete this form. For ban list testing, complete this form.

NOTE: NISEI is a volunteer organization. This role is unpaid, as are all roles in the organization.


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