Breaking the Encryption on NISEI’s 2020 Products

You’ve waited long enough. Today, we’re finally breaking the encryption and announcing our 2020 products, coming in early December:

  • System Gateway, an all-new entry-level product and the cornerstone of any collection
  • System Update 2021, a curated set of classic cards to expand System Gateway and shake up the Standard format

Follow the links above to learn more.

We recognize that this announcement has been a long time coming. Our last official word on these products came out in the October 2019 livestream, more than six months ago. On behalf of all of us, NISEI President Zac Bauermeister has an explanation and an apology.

Finally, the release of System Gateway and System Update 2021 will bring with it some changes to the format formerly known as “Core Experience”. For more on this new format, check out this article by OP Manager Austin Mills and OP Team Member Michael Papadopoulos.

Please note: The names of these products and formats may still change slightly between now and launch. We’re still testing to find the best names possible so that new players know exactly what to expect.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your patience. We know we’ve kept you in the dark for a while, and we’re as excited as you are to pull the curtain back on these products. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on System Gateway and System Update 2021 later this year!


  • Spencer Dub

    Spencer hangs out on Null Signal's Narrative and Visual teams. He lives in Oregon, USA with his wife, cat, and daughter, only one of whom he's successfully introduced to the game so far.